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1974: Robert and Noële Cheylan take over the Chateau Virant farm, where wine had been cultivated and a wine cellar had been located since 1632. In their possession, the farm is changing and evolving a lot. Aiming for a high quality Appellation in Aix en Provence.

1987: After 13 years of investment, tillage and construction, Chateau Virant will truly become Chateau Viran's first real batch of wine.

1996: Robert Cheylan decides to produce olive oil and builds his own olive mill. The family’s only daughter Christine begins to run the mill and oil production and soon the name Chateau Virant is known as an olive oil producer for its quality and incredibly good taste. The house is also currently the most award winning olive oil house in France.

DeliDel’s Laura and Gregory first visited the farm in 2001 on their way to Provence. The taste of olive oil remained so strong in Laura's mind that she decided to include the product in the selections immediately. Oil received the attention and constant customer base and has been in the standard range ever since. Every year comes a new crop of oil in December, making everyone exciting whether the taste and aromas are preserved. There have been no disappointments yet, the oil is top quality and best of all Christine Cheylan and her family have become good friends for Laura and Gregory.

Travel tip for Provence: Chateau Virant is open all year round.

DeliDeli has been importing Chateau Virant oils since 2001.

The selections include single-variety oils from Salonenque and Aglandau, as well as the house’s best blend of AOP and Olive Picholine.

The house jelly is also an amazing taste experience.

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    One more caracture is poured out!
    Aglandau olive oil from French wine and olive producer Chateau Virant has been awarded a gold medal in the Concours Général Agricole 2020 competition. This strong and even peppery extra virgin olive oil is made exclusively from olives of the aglandau variety, which grow on the producer's own orchards. After harvesting, the olives are immediately cold-pressed at the farm's own mill. In this way, the aromas of the oil are best preserved and the high antioxidant content and acidity can be kept as low as possible. The whole is balanced, multidimensional, harmonious and long-lasting. The rich aromas of the oil include fresh grass, tomato leaf, rowanberry and basil. Thanks to its intensity, Aglandau olive oil is suitable for even stronger foods, such as ratatouille and other tomato-based pots and sauces, meat, with anchovies and aioli.

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