Maison Pebeyre

Founded in 1897, Pebeyre SA is the only company in France whose business is exclusively and exclusively truffle trading.

Alain Pebeyre, the son of the founder, moved the company to the city of Cahor and Jacques took over the company in the 50s. strengthens the company's image and also opens the company's own restaurant.
Today, the company is run by Pierre-Jean with his wife Elisabeth.

DeliDel's selections include white and black truffle oils, truffle salt, truffle mayonnaise, truffle honey and truffle taglia.

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  • summer truffle mayonnaise 180g

    Burger, steak and french fries will rise to a whole new level as you serve them with truffle mayonnaise. Maison Pébenyre’s truffle mayonnaise, which specializes in truffle products, contains an authentic summer truffle that brings a delicious and luxurious aroma to the mayonnaise.

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  • Black Winter Truffle Oil 100ml
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    The black truffle oil from the French Maison Pébenyre is made from high quality sunflower oil and seasoned with authentic black truffle. The neutral taste of sunflower oil leaves much room for the full-bodied taste of black truffle. Try pasta, risotto, meat dishes as well as mashed potato mash!

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  • truffle salt 50g 1

    Coarse truffle salt is a luxurious finger salt that you use to finish meat dishes, pastas and omelettes, for example. The seasoned salt of Maison Pébenyre, a French company specializing in truffles, contains authentic summer truffles, one of the most prestigious truffle varieties in Europe. Try it and fall in love!

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  • White truffle flavored olive oil 100ml

    You can easily get the delicious aroma of white truffle into any food with the olive oil flavored with Maison Pébenyre white truffle. The soft flavors of olive oil and white truffle blend harmoniously together and leave a velvety aftertaste. Try the oil to season pastas, risottos and mashed potatoes.

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  • pebeyre whole truffle 1er choix 12g 2 min

    The whole truffle of the French Pébeire is a winter truffle preserved in jus de truffes (truffle juice) and salt. It is recommended to use 10 g of truffle per person for cooking, which allows the truffle flavour to be brought out in the best possible way.

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  • slice of duck liver and truffle 5 45g min

    Black truffle flavoured duck liver slices are a combination of traditional foie gras and delicious black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). The slices contain 5 % of real truffle.

    The velvety duck liver and the subtle and recognisable taste of truffle combine to create an irresistible treat that will make even the most discerning palate water.

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