Christmas salad with duck legs


Place the duck legs in the oven to roast and / or grill on foil or on a grill. Then prepare the salad. Sauce Mix 3 tablespoons white balsamic 1 tablespoon Prunotto lime blossom honey A couple of spins from a pepper mill 3 peppers…
raspberry jam

DeliDeli banana pancake & Organic Williams pear jam

For 4 you need DeliDel's banana pan & Organic poire williams pear jam - the very best combination ever - jamais. Well, organic raspberry jam "processed" Pannari's instructions: Mix 3 eggs in a bowl 8…
green spring salad

Green spring salad

For 4 you need 1 box of hot loop salad 2 avocados 1 dl yellow cherry tomatoes 2 stems spring onions 1 dl spinach leaves 2 tablespoons salted almonds Loraus Alziar olive oil Loraus Bonissima dark…
strawberry cake

DeliDeli's super easy strawberry cake

For a 9h cake you need 15 mini strawberry cakes 1 dl strawberry juice 200g Lucien Georgelin 100% strawberry jam 3 dl whipped cream 1 dl sugar strawberries Arrange the small cakes upside down in the serving dish as desired. Ex 3x5…

Lobster risotto

For 6 you need 1/2 fennel 500g risotto rice 2 shallots 1 carrot 2 teaspoons greek herb salt dill 1 lemon 1 dl dry white wine 5 tablespoons Cauvin grape seed oil 1 tbsp Belle…
Provencal risotto

Provencal risotto

For 6 you need Risotto: 2 shallots 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar 2 dl dry white wine 200g leek white portion 500g veneer Carnaroli risotto rice 3-4 pcs DeliDel anchovy fillet 2 tablespoons DeliDel salt cabbage 2 dl parmesan grate…
risotto help

Smoke onion risotto

For 4 you need 4 dl Veneria Carnaroli risotto rice 10g butter 1.5 dl whipped cream 1 tbsp DeliDel onion wash 2 teaspoons beech-smoked sea salt Salt Odyssey 2 teaspoons DeliDel white wine vinegar 4 tbsp
Overripe olive pig

Overripe olive pig

For 4 you need 1 kg of pork casserole 1/2 cup Prunotto tomato passata + the same amount of water 1 dl DeliDel sun-dried tomatoes 1 pack Olives Arnaud's black wrinkle olives 2 carrots…
Autumn smoky minced lamb soup

Autumn smoky minced lamb soup

For 4 you need a big saucepan of 500g minced lamb 3 big carrots 1 zucchini 1 shallot 4 garlic cloves 3 teaspoons DeliDel Modena balsamic 1/2 bottle Prunotto tomato passport 3 teaspoons…
Truffle roast

Truffle roast

For 4 you need 500-600 g of roast beef 2 teaspoons Pebeyre truffle salt 1 teaspoon black peppercorns Baking paper sheet 1.5 h 140 degrees Take the meat out of the cold for at least half an hour before cooking. Fry…