Tomato mozzarella salad min

Tomato-mozzarella salad

ingredients (for 4 servings) Preparation time 15min 500g different coloured baby tomatoes 2 tablespoons Prunotto vegan organic pesto 1 pss small mozzarella balls 2 tablespoons Greeonolia Greek olive oil black pepper for decoration fresh basil Cut the baby tomatoes [...]
Christmas salad with duck legs


Put the duck legs in the oven to roast /or on the grill in foil or on a parilla. Then prepare the salad. Sauce Mix together 3 tablespoons white balsamic 1 tablespoon Prunotto lime blossom honey A couple of twirls of pepper mill 3 peppercorns [...]
green spring salad

Green spring salad

For 4 you will need 1 box of spicy bud lettuce 2 avocados 1 dl yellow cherry tomatoes 2 stems of spring onions 1 dl spinach leaves 2 tbsp salted almonds A drizzle of Alziari olive oil A drizzle of Bonissima dark [...]
Marinated chicken and bulgur salad

Marinated chicken and bulgur salad

For 2 you will need Chicken: 400 g roast chicken or breast fillet 1 bunch of DeliDel fig jam 1 teaspoon of pretzel 2 tbsp olive oil 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper Bulgur salad 4 iceberg lettuce leaves 2 preserved lemons [...]
Nice salad a la Laura

Nice salad à la Laura

For 4 people 3 large solid potatoes 1 ball of salad. Also choose hard leaf salad 1 -2 avocado 1 red onion 3 eggs 1 tbsp Belle happy Germon tuna in oil Prunotto grilled…
Greek evening meal for two

Greek evening meal for two

Sauce for 2-4 people 250g Greek yoghurt 1 clove of garlic or several small cloves 1 preserved lemon pinch of salt to taste if necessary squeeze the garlic into a bowl, cut the preserved lemon into small pieces [...]

Fregula sarda pasta salad

Fregula sarda pasta salad

Sauce for 4 people 5 tbsp mild olive oil e.g. Alziar's blue Prestige oil 2 tsp balsamic vinegar ½ tsp sugar 4 tsp Deli onion paste 2 tsp capers in salt mix [...]