Fregula sarda pasta salad

For 4 people

5 tablespoons mild olive oil eg Alziar blue Prestige oil
2 teaspoons of spicy balsamic
½ teaspoon of sugar
4 teaspoons Delin sipulipestoa
2 tsp capers in salt

mix well with vinegar, sugar, oil and onion wash. Strain the capers,
cut small and add to the sauce.

200g Morellin fregula sarda pastas
150-200 g dry sausage eg Roininen wild boar cubes
100g spinach leaves cut into slices
100g dark grapes split
100g cantaloupe melon in small cubes
10 cornichon pickles slices
½ silver onion in very thin slices
15-20 Deli sun dried cherry tomatoes
5 radishes in very thin slices for decoration

Boil 200 g fregula sarda pasta in plenty of salted water.
Drain and rinse immediately with cold water and leave to cool.
In a bowl, mix spinach chips, grape halves,
melon cubes, dry sausage cubes, onion slices, pasta
and half of the pickles, sun-dried tomatoes
and sauce.
Place the mixture on a serving dish and garnish with the remaining gherkins
sun-dried tomatoes and radish. Just before serving
add the rest of the sauce over the salad and enjoy!

pictures and text Laura Valvanne DeliDeli Oy
utensils New and Old Hakaniemi Market Hall

DeliDelin Laura has been a chef and a passionate recipe experimenter for 20 years.