Greek evening meal for two

2-4 people
250g Greek yogurt
1 whole nail garlic or many small nails
1 canned lemon
pinch the salt flowers to taste if necessary
squeeze the garlic in a bowl, cut the preserved lemon as small as you can,
remove the seeds and add to the bowl with the yogurt. Stir well and let it taste for a moment. Add salt if necessary.


100g Portobello mushrooms
butter for frying
salt flower
Put and cut the portobello into slices less than a cm thick and fry them in butter.


1 feta
dried oregano on top of the feta.

cherry tomatoes. now you can get wonderful colors in the shops, but you can choose.
½ cucumber cut into pieces of your own style
½ red onion cut into fine slices
a lot of leaf parsley for decorative seasoning

1 prk Belle Iloise sardines in olive oil
Apero olive crackers
Chateau Virant AOP olive oil the sauce.

Arrange everything as shown in the illustration.
Dig a pit in the middle of the zatsik.
Just before serving, add a good olive oil over the pit, feta and salad.

DeliDelin Laura has been a chef and a passionate recipe experimenter for 20 years.