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  • age old seasoning blue label vegan 100ml min

    The dark balsamic sauce of the Italian La Bonissima is a high-quality dark modal balsamic and completely vegan product. It has matured in peace in oak barrels, giving it its distinctive color and texture. The taste of the Blue Label balsamic is in a class of its own.

  • age old seasoning white label vegan 100ml

    The light balsamic sauce of the Italian La Bonissima is a high quality light balsamic from Modena, which is also completely vegan. Its velvety and soft taste and dense texture make it recognizable and high quality light balsamic. The natural manufacturing process used gives it a beautiful golden color.

  • Lemon Curd 125g

    Across the canal, the popular lemon paste known as lemon curd is also found as the base for many French desserts. DeliDel’s lemon curd is handcrafted from wonderfully velvety and lemon, pure ingredients. Enjoy as is or try in pastries, for example in the heavenly lemon meringue pie!

  • Smoked mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise made with smoked olive oil “Finca La Barca”. This sauce will become essential in your kitchen. With it you can enjoy meat, sandwiches, seafood… Gluten free. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Once opened, put it in the refrigerator for up to seven days.

  • truffle basket deluxe 3 min

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    2165 - Summer Truffle Carpaccio - Godard - 20g
    9161 - Summer truffle mayonnaise 180g
    1569 - BASKET Silver metal wool oval 36x28x10
    1048 - Organic and fair trade chocolate truffle 160g FI-EKO-201
    9159 - Sunflower oil flavored with black winter truffle-100ml
    2232 - Truffle paste 250g -Linguine
    9165 - Truffle salt 50 g
    9160 - White Truffle Olive Oil-100ml
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • coffee time min

    The delicacy basket “Coffee moment” contains the following products:
    4457 - 78 g tube of chestnut spreads
    1599 - BASKET cardboard tray nature leaf pattern round (dia 24.x3 / 6cm)
    9217 - Lime flower honey 100 g
    1049 - Mint chocolate confectionery, organic, Fair Trade 145 g FI-EKO-201
    9865 - Organic Peppermint Tea 15 pss FI-EKO-201
    4999 - Orange amère (Pomeranian) jam 210g
    7031 - Palet biscuit package 200g
    1209 - Traditional meringues 140g
    5010 - Pure Origine Bolivia organic coffee ground 250g FI-EKO-201
    1213 - Chocolate drops (Chocorette) 150g
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • fromage delicacy basket

    A delicious gift for cheese lovers. The basket contains jams for all types of cheese as well as cheesecakes
    4893 - Apero biscuits 150g
    1270 - Grissotti olive oil stick 300g
    1580 - BODY - jute 100% natural rectangle
    4996 - Rose leaf jelly for cream cheese 125g
    4885 - Cider & apple and Calvados jelly Camembert - Pont-llÉvêque for cheese 125g
    4886 - White wine & pear jelly for Roquefort / blue cheese 125g
    4892 - Fig & walnut jam 125g

  • apricot 100 300g

    For apricot jam lovers, Roussilon's apricot jam with Lucien Georgelin's 100 % fruit is the perfect choice. The jam contains 60 % of whole fruit, and fruit sugar has been used for sweetening. In addition to this, only natural pectin has been added to the apricot jam to thicken, as well as a little lemon juice to accentuate the apricot’s own fruity flavor.

  • summer truffle mayonnaise 180g

    Burger, steak and french fries will rise to a whole new level as you serve them with truffle mayonnaise. Maison Pébenyre’s truffle mayonnaise, which specializes in truffle products, contains an authentic summer truffle that brings a delicious and luxurious aroma to the mayonnaise.

  • Black Winter Truffle Oil 100ml

    The black truffle oil from the French Maison Pébenyre is made from high quality sunflower oil and seasoned with authentic black truffle. The neutral taste of sunflower oil leaves much room for the full-bodied taste of black truffle. Try pasta, risotto, meat dishes as well as mashed potato mash!

  • truffle salt 50g 1

    Coarse truffle salt is a luxurious finger salt that you use to finish meat dishes, pastas and omelettes, for example. The seasoned salt of Maison Pébenyre, a French company specializing in truffles, contains authentic summer truffles, one of the most prestigious truffle varieties in Europe. Try it and fall in love!

  • White truffle flavored olive oil 100ml

    You can easily get the delicious aroma of white truffle into any food with the olive oil flavored with Maison Pébenyre white truffle. The soft flavors of olive oil and white truffle blend harmoniously together and leave a velvety aftertaste. Try the oil to season pastas, risottos and mashed potatoes.

  • Lavender honey 150g

    Très parfumé, Délicat et savoureux!
    Authentic Provencal lavender honey is a very aromatic and prized honey. Lavender honey gets its floral and delicate taste and aroma from bees pollinating lavender flowers. Try different desserts or even glaze pork ribs!

  • Almond creme spread 125g

    DeliDel's almond crème is a degree more delicious and French fries. This almond paste, which also contains apples, is a delicious filling for pastries, crepes and windbreakers, for example. Also try apple pie as a filling!

  • apero biscuits

    Traditional apéro crackers are the best partner for a variety of tasty pastes and toppings. The biscuits are handmade and oven made according to a traditional recipe without palm oil. Finish your Mediterranean taste experience with authentic apéro biscuits!

  • pistachio dream 180g

    DeliDel's own pistachio dream, as the name implies, is the fulfillment of every pistol lover's daily dreams. It is a soft-spreading sweet paste with only the imagination as a limit! Try it, for example, on a biscuit, with pancakes, as a filling for macaroni, in a cheesecake or just as a spoon.