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  • delicacy basket selection min

    The delicacy basket “Selection” contains the following products:
    1144 - Alziari Extra virgin olive oil 500ml cuvée PAULINE
    7032 - Galette biscuit package 300g
    161 - BASKET black braided, handle places rectangular 28x18x11cm
    1313 - Olive Flush 90g
    284 - Olives - Provencal Herbs Green 250g
    2210 - Piedmont roasted hazelnut IGP 200g
    4103 - Sardines in boneless olive oil flavored with lemon 115g
    8034 - Toffee caramels 200g
    1145 - Raspberry wine vinegar -Alziari 200 ml
    4892 - Fig & walnut jam 125g
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  • alziari extra virgin olive oil 500ml Cesare min

    Cuvée César extra virgin olive oil has been made from the olives of La Maison Alziar's own orchards since 1868 in Nice, Provence. It is an oil made from only one variety, Cailletier olives. Cuvée César olive oil is very light and has a delicate aroma of almond and artichoke. Due to its light weight, the oil is best suited for salads as well as fresh vegetables.

  • black pepper mill

    The black pepper mill of the Greek Salt Odyssey contains 100% authentic black pepper in a stylish ceramic mill. Grind the desired amount of meat, vegetables, poultry and soup. Black pepper is the perfect flavor pair, especially for red meats.

  • huile d olive bio Vallon des Oliviers 500ml

    This is Légère pour des mets légers!
    The olive oils of Chateau Virant, a French wine and olive producer, are the most award-winning olive oils in the country. Vallon des Oliviers is a high-quality and light organic olive oil that is pressed from the farm's own olives, in the farm's own press. It is a mixture of five different varieties. Vallon des Oliviers has a very green and fresh aroma, freshly cut grass comes to mind. This light olive oil is especially suitable for salads as well as light dishes.

  • alziari truffle olive oil 100ml

    La Maison Alziar's truffle oil makes it easy to season pastas, risottos and scrambled eggs. This olive oil flavored with real truffles also goes particularly well with parmesan. Only the cleanest and finest raw materials have been used in the oil.

  • alziari chili olive oil 100ml

    The soft and fruity extra virgin olive oil of the French La Maison Alziar is flavored with real chili, which gives it a proper kick. The oil is suitable for a wide range of seasonings, and the elegant packaging is a delight to the eye at the dining table.

  • alziari extra pizza oil 200ml min

    Whatever the pizza diavola, the devil’s pizza, without the finishing chili oil! La Maison Alziar’s Pili Pili olive oil is the perfect blend of chili and spices to complete your pizza or barbecue.

  • fussilli 500g

    The whole grain fusilli of the Morell pasta factory is a healthy and delicious pasta that goes especially well with a variety of tasting sauces. Whole-grain fusilli absorbs the sauce well, which makes the pasta even more palatable. It is well suited for dishes where you want the pasta to retain its shape. For example, try different oven pastes! Cooking time 8 minutes.

  • butterfly paste 500g

    Papillons butterfly paste is a colorful pasta mix made from durum flour. “Butterflies” of different colors get their shades from spinach, beets, turmeric, peperoncino chili and octopus ink. Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its pasta from durum wheat flour, which uses healthy wheat germ. Cooking time 8 minutes.

  • genuine Dijon mustard in a tube 100g

    Authentic dijon mustard in a tube is a new and effortless way to use traditional and world-famous French mustard. Reine de Dijon dijon mustard is made with a traditional recipe from natural ingredients. Try it with different red meats and poultry, in salad dressings, marinades or icings!

  • Harissa 70g

    Originally from North African cuisines, Hari is a fiery and spicy paste that brings warmth to many different foods. Le Phare du Cap Bonin Harissa is made with a traditional recipe from authentic ingredients. Once opened, the tube should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 30 days.

  • mackerel dill with lemon

    Fraîche et Légère!

    Mackerel fillets in bergamot-lemon and dill sauce are wonderfully light and fresh in all simplicity. Before the hand-made canning, the mackerel fillets are quickly boiled. This is how they best retain their taste and softness. The canned fillets are finally covered with a light account, rose pepper and a marinade flavored with lemon bergamot. Try it even in a summer pie or salad bowl!

  • mackerel for diabetes

    Mnee de puissance et d'équilibre!

    Mackerel fillets, like damn, combine the harmony of tastes with a little diabolical back kick. Mustard, red chili peppers and garlic blend naturally together as the lemon brings light freshness. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

  • paccheri

    Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its pasta from durum wheat flour, which uses wheat germ. Paccheri is a traditional type of pasta from the Campania region, known for its large tubular shape. Cooking time 7 minutes.

  • FOX Potato chips balsamic salt 40g

    Balsamico’s light bitterness and sweetness combined with the salinity of the potato chips creates this irresistible combination. Italian Fox potato chips are real premium potato chips made by the traditional method of hand-making and using only natural ingredients. With these potato chips, you make everyday life a little more festive!