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  • paccheri

    Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its pasta from durum wheat flour, which uses wheat germ. Paccheri is a traditional type of pasta from the Campania region, known for its large tubular shape. Cooking time 7 minutes.

  • paella spice

    The paella spice of La Chinata, a Spanish pepper spice house, consists mainly of the manufacturer's smoked paprika powder and saffron. It is a completely organic product with no dyes or preservatives at all. The spice blend is also gluten free and 100 % herbal. There are four individually wrapped bags in the package, and one bag is enough for about 300 grams of rice.

  • Sea Salt chips 40g

    When you want authentic, artisan potato chips, the potato chips seasoned with Italian Fox sea salt are sure to come to mind! Handmade premium potato chips are made from only the best ingredients without any artificial ingredients. In addition, the traditional method of preparation leaves them deliciously thick, giving the chips their perfect taste and mouthfeel.

  • FOX Potato chips truffle sea salt 40g

    The luxury of the luxuries is the handmade Italian Fox chips seasoned with truffles and sea salt. Only natural and genuine raw materials are used in the chips without any artificial flavors or additives. Made by hand and with a traditional recipe, the potato chips also leave irresistibly thick and aromatic.

  • fox vintage potato chips wooden box 6x4 1

    Maista kaikkia valikoimiemme perunalastuja italialaiselta Foxilta. Lastut on valmistettu vain pahaista raaka-aineista käsityönä. Rustiikkinen puinen laatikko sisältää yhteensä 24 kpl 40 gramman pussia, 3 eri makua. Tässä on täydellinen lahja kovimmankin luokan sipsifanille!
    Box flavors:
    Potato chips, balsamic & salt
    Potato chips, sea salt
    Potato chips, truffle & sea salt

  • pannardardines with butter and lemon 115g

    Pannusardines fried in the buttermilk of the French La Belle Iloinen and seasoned with lemon are, in all their simplicity, a delicious product. Pannusardines are consumed heated as such, for example on bread or as part of a portion of fish.

  • gift card department

    If you still have time to give the gift, you can order a stylish gift card to be mailed to us for the amount you want. If, on the other hand, it is not very long before the party starts, you can obtain our electronic gift card with a few clicks and print it for the recipient of the gift or give it directly in electronic form. Our electronic gift card will arrive in your email at its best in less than half an hour and in 24 hours at the latest.

  • organic and fair trade chocolate truffle 160g

    The Chevalier d’Argouges chocolate truffle is a delicacy that many find hard to refuse. Truffles made from Fairtrade organic chocolate contain 72 % of cocoa and only genuine cocoa butter, no vegetable oils or palm oil. Chocolate truffles are made by hand and with a traditional recipe made only from the best ingredients.

  • organic and fair trade mint chocolate candy 145g

    The mint chocolate of Chevalier d’Argouges in Normandy is made from organic chocolate produced according to Fair Trade criteria. The chocolate used in the confectionery is a dark chocolate with cocoa 72 %. The chocolates are made by hand and only from the best ingredients. Here is an authentic and ethically produced delicacy for mint chocolate lovers!

  • organic and fair trade homemade chocolates metal box 290g 2

    The handmade chocolates, packaged in an elegant metal box, include a selection of chocolates, white chocolates, dark chocolate and hazelnut-flavored chocolates. Only organic raw materials and ingredients produced in accordance with Fair Trade standards have been used in the confectionery. The Chevalier d’Argouges chocolates do not use palm oil at all and are a precise handicraft from the surface of the praline grit.

  • Marques de Valdueza extra Virgin olive oil

    Marques de Valdueza Extra Virgin olive oil from Spain is an extra virgin olive oil with a lush aroma of spring, with a clear herbiness and fruitiness of young olives. A mixture of the four varieties is prepared by cold pressing. Its taste is medium, which makes it the perfect companion for cooking and seasoning.

  • Marques de Valdueza orange blossom honey 265g

    Marques de Valdueza’s orange blossom honey is a beautiful light yellow color with hues of various shades of yellow. Its sweet taste has floral and citrus notes. Honey has an intense and lingering taste. The honey is softly pliable and crystallizes slowly to form fine crystals. Orange blossom honey is perfect for seasoning dishes made from game birds and as such for cheeses, tea, ice cream and toast with extra virgin olive oil.

  • bistro herkkukori

    Herkkukori sisältää seuraavat tuotteet:
    1525 - FOX Potato chips truffle & sea salt 40g
    1270 - Grissotti olive oil stick 300g
    4210 - Lobster muse seasoned with cognac 60g
    5397 – Iberian possupaté maustettu savustetulla paprikalla 110g
    1574 - BASKET Zinc tray Bistro, rope handles round 32 x 6cm
    286 - Olives - Stoneless black 220g flavored with thyme
    9924 – Oro del Deserto luomu extra virgin oliiviöljy -Coupage 100 ml
    1960 – Picholines oliivit 220g
    4431 - Sardines in olive oil St Georges 115g
    1280 - Salted biscuit bruschette 150g
    4380 - Tuna paste olive and caper 60g
    5170 - Fig jam 150g
    1366 - Wild boar pepper seasoned with Armagnac 70g
    5400 – Vuohenjuustotahna maustettu savustetuilla paprikan hiutaleita 110g
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  • tahtianis chinese 11g

    Star anise is a beautiful spice as such to be added to drinks or food spices. It also looks decorative in various preserves and at the Christmas table, for example. Maison Espig's star anise has a pleasant licorice taste and adds an exotic touch to a variety of dishes. Try oven chicken, for example!

  • red curry mixture 44g

    Red curry is a tasty and mildly fiery spice mixture for meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Maison Espig’s own red curry mix is made and packaged in Provence, France, using a traditional recipe. Here you will find a new favorite for your home kitchen, with which you can easily season both everyday and festive food!