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  • organic and fair trade homemade chocolates metal box 290g 2

    The handmade chocolates, packaged in an elegant metal box, include a selection of chocolates, white chocolates, dark chocolate and hazelnut-flavored chocolates. Only organic raw materials and ingredients produced in accordance with Fair Trade standards have been used in the confectionery. The Chevalier d’Argouges chocolates do not use palm oil at all and are a precise handicraft from the surface of the praline grit.

  • Marques de Valdueza extra Virgin olive oil

    Marques de Valdueza Extra Virgin olive oil from Spain is an extra virgin olive oil with a lush aroma of spring, with a clear herbiness and fruitiness of young olives. A mixture of the four varieties is prepared by cold pressing. Its taste is medium, which makes it the perfect companion for cooking and seasoning.

  • merula extra Virgin olive oil tin can 500ml

    Marques de Valdueza's Merula extra virgin olive oil from Spain is a medium-strong olive oil dominated by fruity aromas. The perfect harmony of the flavors of the oil is obtained from olives harvested at just the right time and transported immediately for cold pressing.

  • Marques de Valdueza orange blossom honey 265g

    Marques de Valdueza’s orange blossom honey is a beautiful light yellow color with hues of various shades of yellow. Its sweet taste has floral and citrus notes. Honey has an intense and lingering taste. The honey is softly pliable and crystallizes slowly to form fine crystals. Orange blossom honey is perfect for seasoning dishes made from game birds and as such for cheeses, tea, ice cream and toast with extra virgin olive oil.

  • souvenirs delicacy basket 3

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    1471 - Sun-dried tomato spread 90g
    455 - Organic walnut mustard 200g-
    2265 - Organic olive oil Bio 250ml
    1573 - metal basket, green fabric 20x15x5cm
    4713 - Red fig jam 320g
    4190 - Basil 60g with tuna spice
    1366 - Wild boar pepper seasoned with Armagnac 70g
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  • bistro 6 min

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    1306 - Age old seasoning Blue Label VEGAN 100ml
    4893 - Apero biscuits 150g
    1471 - Sun-dried tomato spread 90g
    1523 - FOX Root Chip 40g
    1524 - FOX Potato chips sea salt 40g
    1525 - FOX Potato chips truffle & sea salt 40g
    1270 - Grissotti olive oil stick 300g
    1362 - Hanhirillette 65g
    4210 - Lobster muse seasoned with cognac 60g
    1360 - Hare paté seasoned with Armagnac 70g
    5000 - Whole figs in syrup 280g
    1574 - BASKET Zinc tray Bistro, rope handles round 32 x 6cm
    1474 - Organic hummus 90g
    1049 - Organic and fair trade mint chocolate candy 145g FI-EKO-201
    1365 - The spice of rustic terrine. with truffle (3%) 70 g
    U767 - Mackerel fillet Damn kill 112.5g
    282 - Olives - Provencal blend 250g
    286 - Olives - Stoneless black 220g flavored with thyme
    2210 - Piedmont roasted hazelnut IGP 200g
    4130 - Whiskey 63g with sardine cream
    4190 - Basil 60g with tuna spice
    1366 - Wild boar pepper seasoned with Armagnac 70g
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  • gourmet basket greeting 2

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    1339 - Duck liver -bloc, South West France 70g
    1524 - FOX Potato chips sea salt 40g
    7032 - Galette biscuit package 300g
    9202 - Grilled artichoke in olive oil 320g FI-EKO-201
    1574 - BASKET Zinc tray Bistro, rope handles round 32 x 6cm
    1047 - Organic and fair trade handmade chocolate candies, metal box 290g FI-EKO-201
    9204 - Organic wash 130g FI-EKO-201
    1742 - Merula extra Virgin olive oil tin can 500ml
    4713 - Red fig jam 320g
    9853 - Red wine sauce 3 servings 150g
    4431 - Sardines in olive oil St Georges 115g
    2234 - Spaghetti gr 1000
    5198 - Chocolate hazelnut spread 280g
    9165 - Truffle salt 50 g
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  • tahtianis chinese 11g

    Star anise is a beautiful spice as such to be added to drinks or food spices. It also looks decorative in various preserves and at the Christmas table, for example. Maison Espig's star anise has a pleasant licorice taste and adds an exotic touch to a variety of dishes. Try oven chicken, for example!

  • red curry mixture 44g

    Red curry is a tasty and mildly fiery spice mixture for meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Maison Espig’s own red curry mix is made and packaged in Provence, France, using a traditional recipe. Here you will find a new favorite for your home kitchen, with which you can easily season both everyday and festive food!

  • curry organic 37g

    Curry is a gift of Indian cuisine to the rest of the world. Curry seasones both light and red meats, fish dishes and the most delicious vegetarian dishes. Maison Espig's organic curry is a high-quality spice blend made exclusively from organic spices. Try it for yourself and fall in love!

  • coriander whole organic french 26g

    The whole coriander seeds of Maison Espig, organically grown in France, spice up a wide range of dishes, from Indian-style cuisine to traditional Provencal delicacies. Try coriander in baking too!

  • Provencal oregano organic french 17g

    Maison Espig’s Organic Organic Regano is an authentic Provencal favorite organic aromatic herb. It spices pizzas as well as various tomato dishes to new dimensions. Here is one of the basic spices in every kitchen that you should always keep in the spice cabinet just in case!

  • Provencal thyme organic french 12g

    One of the hallmarks of southern French cuisine in particular is thyme. Maison Espig’s Provencal thyme is a high-quality organic product and has a certificate of authenticity for a product from the Provence region. Thyme from Provence spices meat, vegetarian and chicken dishes à la Provençale!

  • turmeric ground organic Burma 38g

    Ground organic turmeric from the French Maison Espig is grown in the tropical regions of Burma. There is also a bit of bitterness in its lightly peppery and musky aroma. Turmeric is suitable for seasoning a wide variety of dishes, from oriental dishes to fish dishes. Turmeric also brings a beautiful color to both food and drinks. For example, try the trendy turmeric flat!

  • green french organic lens 500g en eco 201

    The green organic lentils from Le Bon Semeur in France are from the Anicia variety, one of the most common varieties in France. These delicious green lentils are full of trace elements, fiber and good taste. The lenses do not need to be soaked before use, just rinse them in cold water. Finally, cook the lentils for 25-30 minutes.

  • mint flower honey 100 g

    In the summer, the flower, which blooms in full bloom, offers aromatic nectar to nearby bees, producing this special and intense honey. The aroma of honey makes it the perfect pair for tea and herbal drinks. It’s also great for deepening flavor in recipes that require honey and fresh mint. Try it with strong, long-matured cheeses and mutton!