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  • pure origine Caribbean organic coffee 250g fi eco 201 min

    Intensity: 8/12
    Aromas: vanilla and woody
    Coffee beans are collected from the volcanic slopes of the Caribbean islands to grind this complex and subtle coffee. This is pure origine coffee made from arabica beans. The coffee has been grown as pure organic production and responsibly in accordance with Fair Trade criteria. Both vanilla and woody aromas can be found in the strong and intense taste.

  • pure origine Sumatra organic coffee 250g fi eco 201 min

    Intensity: 12/12
    Flavors: chocolate and spices
    Lobodis ’aromatic, full-bodied and intense Sumatra Mandheling coffee comes from the northern province of Aceh on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. This pure origine coffee is made from arabica beans and is pure organic. Dark chocolate and rich spices can be seen as the predominant aromas in dark roasted coffee. Here is a coffee that is worth a try, especially exceptional!

  • organic tomato paste 340g fi eko 201

    When you want an easy way to land tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun at any time, make sure you find Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato crumb in your closet. Tomato crumb is made within 48 hours of picking tomatoes completely without salt, sugar, concentrates or dried herbs. Only 100 % fresh organic tomatoes and full flavor.

  • whole peeled Italian tomatoes 550g

    At the best time of summer, August, these delicious organic tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun are picked by hand. After 48 hours, they have already turned into this delicious canned food. Fresh tomatoes are peeled and stuffed with organic passata and cooked without added salt. Tomatoes can be used just like fresh tomatoes.

  • bbq sauce 250ml

    The classic taste of America in a bottle! When you want a barbeque sauce full of authentic flavors, you’re on the right side. The ingredients in DeliDel's BBQ sauce are short and concise, and contain only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or additives and preservatives. Try everything for grilling and especially for burgers!

  • truffle sauce

    If you always want to be ready for an easy and quick gourmet meal, you should get Potier's ready-made truffle sauce in the cupboard! The creamy truffle sauce, packaged in individual sachets, is perfect for many meats, from meat to pasta and burgers. The sauce is made only from the best and purest ingredients, e.g. without monosodium glutamate. At its easiest, you heat the sauce in just 10 seconds in the microwave. The individually packaged serving bags keep the sauce fresh, and you can always optimize the amount of sauce according to the eaters, without any loss.

  • bbq master delicacy basket 2

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    1058 - 3 pepper mixer-mill organic Sri Lanka 36g FI-EKO-201
    1093 - Alziari - Chili olive oil 100ml
    4998 - BBQ sauce 250ml 1.00 pcs 3.20 10.63 -
    9205 - Eucalyptus honey 100 g FI-EKO-201
    1525 - FOX Potato chips truffle & sea salt 40g
    1583 - BODY - jute 100% natural bag model with 2 handles
    455 - Organic walnut mustard 200g FI-EKO-201
    9214 - Organic sauce for Pizza 340g FI-EKO-201
    2265 - Organic olive oil Bio 250ml FI-EKO-201
    9201 - Organic tomato passata bottle 690g FI-EKO-201
    2205 - Almond torrefetta in a metal box 100g
    4481 - Modenan Balsamico 250ml
    9852 - Pepper sauce 3 servings 150g
    9853 - Red wine sauce 3 servings 150g
    5402 - Smoked paprika powder - sweet 70g
    9165 - Truffle salt 50 g
    4896 - Garlic creme 100g
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • orange amere pomeranian jam

    Orange Amère pomegranate jam is just marmalade made from pure ingredients with plenty of authentic pomegranate. Pomeranian is more acidic and slightly bitter than its relative orange, making it the perfect ingredient for sweet marmalade. Try it as it is on toast, with a croissant or in baking!

  • tomato puree 150g tube

    The French tomato puree is made from tomatoes ripened in the south-west of France. It is known for its fruity taste and bright red color. However, Roll’s tomato puree is not sour at all. It is suitable as a base for all tomato sauces.

  • condensed milk unsweetened 410g

    The unsweetened condensed milk, or condensed milk, from the French Bonnet Rouge is made from pure Dutch cow's milk. The condensed milk has a very creamy composition and contains important nutrients for the milk, such as calcium and vitamin B2. In addition, vitamin D has been added to the concentrate. Try hot drinks or baking!

  • midnight spaghetti kastikke 90g min

    DeliDel's Midnight Spaghetti Sauce is a delicious, tomato-spicy ready-made sauce made from high-quality ingredients. As the name implies, it is especially suitable as a pasta sauce, but try seasoning it with oven or casserole dishes, for example!

  • penne germe grano pastificio Morelli

    One of the most popular types of pasta is the multi-purpose penne, which is especially suitable for use with sauces that do not stick to the pasta. Morell's artesan-penne pasta is made from Tuscan durum wheat and is made using the so-called “Bronze-drawn” method, in which the pasta is pressed into its shape faster than normal. In the method, the paste has a special, slightly rougher structure than usual and is dried at a low temperature.

  • spaghetti farro bio pastificio Morelli

    Morellian whole grain spaghetti spaghetti from Tuscany is made from an ancient Italian original form of wheat, fibrous spelled. The spelled used in the spaghetti is 100 % Italian organic tin. Spaghetti is made using the traditional artesan method. Whole-grain spaghetti spaghetti comes into its own with a very simple side dish spiced with tomato or oil. Also try meat or fish based sauces without tomatoes!

  • Gigli pastificio Morelli

    Gigli is a typical Tuscan pasta made from Tuscan durum wheat in the traditional artisanal way. Gigli pasta is made using the so-called “Bronze-drawn” method, in which the pasta is pressed into its shape faster than normal. In the method, the paste has a special, slightly rougher structure than usual and is dried at a low temperature. Due to the roughness, however, the pasta absorbs more of the sauce’s flavors. The cooking time of Gigli pasta is only 4 minutes, and it is particularly suitable for fast-growing vegetable- or meat-based portions.

  • fish delicacy delicacy

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    4100 - Brittany fish soup 400g
    8072 - Calisson 6pcs 80g
    7032 - Galette biscuit package 300g
    9850 - Dutch sauce 3 servings 150g
    267 - Lobster broth 400g
    4210 - Lobster muse seasoned with cognac 60g
    1589 - BASKET fish wooden box white 33x21x9cm
    4436 - Mackerel fillet in curry-almond sauce 112.5g
    1059 - Spice salt mill France 74g
    4486 - Normandy CIDED VINEGAR 250ml
    4471 - Pancakes with butter and lemon 115g
    4103 - Sardines in boneless olive oil flavored with lemon 115g
    1280 - Salted biscuit bruschette 150g
    1311 - Tillipesto 90g
    8034 - Toffee caramels 200g
    4190 - Basil 60g with tuna spice
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • rough old fashioned Dijon organic mustard

    The traditional coarse organic mustard mustard from the French Reine de Dijon is made in the traditional way without any artificial flavors or preservatives. All its ingredients are organic and of the best possible quality. Try it on its own, for example, on top of meat or to season salad dressings, marinades or salty pie fillings.