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  • love 18 pl long chocolate min

    Chic and gourmand!
    The box of Love chocolates by the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Dolfin contains 18 square pieces of delicious chocolate, the consumption of which creates a sensual moment both for everyday life and for a party, alone or in company. Dolfin's high-quality and responsible chocolates are a small piece of luxury!

  • chocolate chip cocoa noirblanc bag 200g min

    The popular chocolate chips used in cocoa by Belgian Dolfin are here again! The combination of dark and white chocolate creates a wonderfully soft, gentle and delicately vanilla flavor in full cocoa with a noticeable even light honey tinge. Try chocolate chips in baking and decorating too!

  • almond cocoa 250g min

    Almond cocoa from Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin is a delicious combination of cocoa and almonds. The recipe for cocoa powder is a well-kept secret, and it’s no wonder why!

  • salt caramel cocoa 250g min

    The name already says it all. The salty caramel cocoa from the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Dolfin contains two of the most delicious flavors: chocolate and salty caramel. Here you will find the perfect cocoa for sweet treats!

  • 55 cocoa 250g min

    The 55% cocoa from the Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin is a wonderful chocolate treat or energy charger even every day of the year. It is cocoa powder produced responsibly from high-quality raw materials that can be difficult to resist…

  • orange cocoa 250g min

    The salvation of a cool day is the orange cocoa of the Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin. Its aroma is warmly inviting and slightly spicy. The union of orange, cinnamon and ginger with chocolate creates this irresistible cocoa that entices a cup and curls on the couch under the blanket.

  • praline cocoa 250g min

    When you want a decent gourmet cocoa, here is the right choice for you. Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin’s pralineé cocoa combines velvety soft chocolate with delicious hazelnut praline. This can be hard to resist!

  • milk chocolate 37 and biscuits min

    The series of Le Chat chocolate bars, which have become a classic of the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Dolfin, have got new flavors in new sympathetic packaging. Speculoos is a Belgian traditional gingerbread-like spice cookie that, when combined with milk chocolate, creates an irresistible and wonderfully crunchy flavor combination.

  • organic chickpeas 2x190g min

    Prosain's organic peas are grown in France and processed at the manufacturer's production facilities in the Pyrenees. The dried chickpeas are first soaked for 12 hours, after which they are slowly boiled until soft to preserve their taste. Organic peas are ready to use, so they are a healthy and easy basic ingredient in every pantry!

  • organic Thai soup 420g min

    Prosain’s all-organic Thai soup contains plenty of sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms and mung beans in each spoon, which have been slowly boiled in Prosain’s own delicious coconut milk-based broth for ready-to-cook. The secret of Thai irresistible taste lies in the real lemongrass left in a fair whole piece of soup to bring a fresh flavor. Also suitable for vegans.

  • organic vegetable ravioli with Tuscan sauce 365g min

    Vegetarian ravioli with Tuscan sauce, organic 365 g

  • organic vegetable cream with coconut milk 350g min

    Inspiration from North Indian cuisine has been sought for the recipe for vegetable seed in the French Prosain. It is made entirely from organically produced and Fair Trade certified raw materials. The tasty vegetables have been partnered with a soft and velvety coconut sauce, crowned by an aromatic and carefully made spice blend. Taste and be surprised!

  • organic beef panang curry with red chili and coconut milk 350g min

    Panang curry from French Prosain will take you on an organic trip to Thailand. Panang curry with beef made from pure and fairly produced ingredients is ready to be warmed and enjoyed only. The fresh and delicious flavors of prosain are sure to surprise you!

  • 3111900350878 muesli croustillant superfruits Cranberry Grenade Cassis 400g face min min

    Favrichon’s crunchy muesli is seasoned with real super berries i.e. cranberries, pomegranate seeds and black wine berries. The grain used in it is organically grown whole grains flavored with cranberry juice. This organic muesli is the healthiest morning start and gives a healthy start to any day.

  • muesli croustillant Cranberry myrtle and Framboise 450g face min

    Organic crunchy muesli flavored with cranberry, blueberry and raspberry from Favrichon is an easy and healthy start to the day. In addition to real berries, it contains fibrous whole grains. But no artificial substances at all!

  • FOX Potato chips balsamic salt 40g

    Balsamico’s light bitterness and sweetness combined with the salinity of the potato chips creates this irresistible combination. Italian Fox potato chips are real premium potato chips made by the traditional method of hand-making and using only natural ingredients. With these potato chips, you make everyday life a little more festive!