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  • cherry jam min

    Lucien Georgelin's cherry jam is full of rich cherry flavors and contains up to 65 % authentic cherries. Try the cherry jam with cheeses, bread and desserts. This cherry jam contains no additives or preservatives or artificial flavors at all, so you can enjoy it with a good conscience!

  • fig jam 150g min

    Authentic French fig jam is the perfect companion for a cheese plate. Also try fig jam with different meats. Lucien Georgelin fig jam does not contain any additives or preservatives or artificial flavors. Enjoy the full and authentic taste of figs!

  • salt flower 125g

    Salt flower is a real gourmet finger salt that is collected in a delicate collection process from the surface of a salt basin. After drying, the cauliflower is no longer treated in any way. The salt flower produced in the Guérande region, “fleur de sel de Guérande” is considered to be the most prestigious salt flower in the world. Its special taste and texture bring out the best in any dish. It is also an ideal last touch to crown a meat dish, salad or goose liver, for example.

  • gray sea salt coarse min

    Le Paludier de Guérande’s coarse, unrefined gray sea salt, “sel de Guérande” is made from Atlantic sea salt collected from the village of Guérande. Naturally, gray and additive-free sea salt meets the requirements for IGP certification for local products. Try it, for example, in engraving or vegetable cooking water!

  • spaghetti 8 min pastificio Morelli 1

    Perhaps Italy’s best-known pasta, spaghetti, tastes good to everyone from baby to granddaughter. Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its authentic Italian spaghetti from durum wheat flour, which uses wheat germ. This preserves more vitamins and aromas in the pasta. Cooking time 8 minutes.

  • 44,00

    Olives Arnaud’s thyme-flavored dark olives preserved in sunflower oil and seasoned with thyme. They are low in salt and are suitable for many, from cooking to snacking as such.

  • cider apple calvadoshyytelo camambert Pont leveque cheese

    DeliDel’s cider, apple & calvados jelly brings an aromatic breeze from the Normandy apple orchards to your cheese plate. The jelly is made from pure raw materials without unnecessary additives and preservatives. It is a particularly perfect partner for Camembert, Pont l’Evêque and Livarot cheeses. Try it and fall in love!

  • white wine barley jelly for roquefortsini cheese

    For the perfect combination of salty and sweet, you need DeliDel white wine & pear jelly and blue cheese. White wine-based jellies go particularly well with blue cheese, as well as pear. So the jelly has all the ingredients of perfection! Try roquefort or other blue cheeses.

  • 290 olives dark seasoned with thyme pitted

    Pitted dark olives flavored with thyme from Olives Arnaud from Provence are made in the Greek way. Dark olives preserved in sunflower oil and seasoned with thyme are made only from the best olives and natural ingredients, which you will notice in the taste!

  • 291 olives green flavored with Provencal herbs pitted

    The green pitted olives of Olives Arnaud from Provence are low in salt and seasoned with Provencal herbs. The olives are preserved in sunflower oil. Here is a real treat for olive lovers!

  • green tapenade 120g CR3

    Olives Arnaud's green tapenade is a delicious tapenade traditionally made from Provencal olives. Try it as it is in salty mouthfuls or as a side dish or seasoning for a variety of dishes. There is nothing artificial in the green tapenade and all the flavors come from clean and high quality ingredients!

  • black tapenade 120g

    Olives Arnaud's black tapenade is a high-quality tapenade made from black olives in the traditional Provencal style. Only the best and purest raw materials have been used in the product. Order a delicious side dish for different dishes or a tasty filling for different salty mouthfuls here!

  • Sardines seasoned with chili and lemon 115g

    And the festival is full of couleurs!

    For lovers of heat, la Belle-cheerful chilli and lemon-flavored sardines preserved in olive oil are perfect. The two different chili peppers have not been used too much to obscure the flavors, but are just right to bring out new aromas. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

  • Sardines in olive oil, spices and herbs 115g

    Fall in love with sardines made according to a recipe inspired by Creole cuisine!

    La Belle-cheerfully seasoned sardines in olive oil have been inspired by Creole spicy cuisine. The warm and authentic flavor combination only heals over time when preserved. Try even appetizers, tabbouleh salad or a savory pie!

  • 4,90

    Calissons or Finnish-style calissons are a very typical Provencal delicacy that are popular all over France. The almond-like shape of Calisson refers to the almond mass used in it. Calisson’s resembles marzipan, but it tastes more fruity because of the peeled orange peel and melon used in it. Calissons are also always traditionally glazed with white icing. Try and fall in love with this soft and prized treat for centuries!