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  • green tapenade 120g CR3

    Olives Arnaud's green tapenade is a delicious tapenade traditionally made from Provencal olives. Try it as it is in salty mouthfuls or as a side dish or seasoning for a variety of dishes. There is nothing artificial in the green tapenade and all the flavors come from clean and high quality ingredients!

  • black tapenade 120g

    Olives Arnaud's black tapenade is a high-quality tapenade made from black olives in the traditional Provencal style. Only the best and purest raw materials have been used in the product. Order a delicious side dish for different dishes or a tasty filling for different salty mouthfuls here!

  • Sardines seasoned with chili and lemon 115g

    And the festival is full of couleurs!

    For lovers of heat, la Belle-cheerful chilli and lemon-flavored sardines preserved in olive oil are perfect. The two different chili peppers have not been used too much to obscure the flavors, but are just right to bring out new aromas. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

  • Sardines in olive oil, spices and herbs 115g

    Fall in love with sardines made according to a recipe inspired by Creole cuisine!

    La Belle-cheerfully seasoned sardines in olive oil have been inspired by Creole spicy cuisine. The warm and authentic flavor combination only heals over time when preserved. Try even appetizers, tabbouleh salad or a savory pie!

  • aamiaiskakku

    The Brittany Quatre Quart breakfast cake is the crowning delicacy of a holiday breakfast. A soft cake baked in real butter is perfect for dipping a hot drink and as such to be enjoyed with, for example, jam, honey or “milk jam” or confiture de lait.

  • palet biscuit pack 200g

    Thick and crunchy palette biscuits are made in the traditional Breton way in salty butter. Golden toasted biscuits are a tasty treat to enjoy as a coffee moment.

  • milk jam min

    Milk jam, or confiture de lait in French, is also known in Spanish as 'dulce de leche'. It is a caramel cooked from milk and sugar, whose velvetiness and caramel charm all sweet lovers. Try milk jam on both a waffle and a crepe, on bread, with ice cream, as a filling for a cake or pastry, or as such for dipping.

  • Nice olives – dark flavored with thyme 250g CR3

    Nice small olives, as the name implies, are perfect for a nice salad or other salads. These full-bodied little dark olives are seasoned with thyme, highlighting their strong and delicious natural olive flavor. Try it and fall in love!

  • olives – Provence blend 250g CR3

    You can sample several varieties of Olives Arnaud in its Provence blend. The blend of five different olives contains the best pieces from the taste world of Provence and teases the taste buds of olive lovers!

  • olives – dark seasoned with thyme 250g CR3

    On a plate of appetizer, on a plate of cheese, on top of a pizza,… Olives Whole olives seasoned with Arnaud thyme taste good with an aperitif as well as in cooking. Dark olives preserved in sunflower oil and seasoned with thyme are made only from the best olives and natural ingredients, which you will notice in the taste!

  • 284 green olives

    Green olives seasoned with Provencal herbs are perfect to offer with an aperitif such as a salad, pizza or any food. Only pure raw materials and the best olives have been used in the preservation. Try it and fall in love!

  • 3,90

    And mariage de saveurs!

    The Parmesan-flavored tuna grill meets French traditional tuna processing and the pride of the Italians, Parmesan cheese. This harmony of tastes is longing for nothing but good toasted bread!

  • linguine peperoncino pastificio Morelli

    Linguine al Peperoncino Rosso from Morelli's pasta factory gets a slight kick from chili peppers. This special and invigorating linguine pasta is perfect to eat with herb oil or with a fresh tomato sauce. Cooking time 6-7 minutes.

  • linguine Zafferano pastificio Morelli

    Linguine pasta flavored with saffron from the Morell pasta factory in Tuscany is an aromatic and unique pasta. The pasta combines traditional Italian with a touch of oriental spice. Try saffron pasta with seafood or Italian ham, for example. Cooking time 6-7 minutes.

  • linguine tartufo pastificio Morelli

    A degree more luxurious and purely delicious pasta dish can be easily prepared with truffle pasta! The linguine pasta made from durum wheat, flavored with authentic black truffle from the Morell pasta factory in Tuscany, is perfect for creamy sauces. Try the pasta with truffle oil too! Cooking time 6-7 minutes.

  • Whole chestnuts in water g

    The whole chestnuts of Clément Faugier, a French company specializing in chestnuts, have first been boiled in water and then preserved whole in water. For example, whole chestnuts can be fried as a side dish or used in various meat pans. By pureing the chestnuts, you can get a tasty side dish for both meat and poultry dishes or, for example, stuffing for desserts and baking.