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  • gray sea salt

    Le Paludier de Guérande’s fine, unrefined gray sea salt, “sel de Guérande” is made from coarse Atlantic sea salt collected from the village of Guérande. Naturally, gray and additive-free ground sea salt meets the requirements for IGP certification for local products and is an ideal supplement for all foods. It is also great as table salt.

  • lemon organic min

    The lemon rings of Biscuiterie du Quercy are all organic and made according to a traditional recipe. In composition, they are wonderfully soft on the inside and suitably crunchy on the outside. The taste is completed by a fresh, authentic lemon.

  • 6,20

    Sardines spiced with fruity aromas of tomato.

    At times, the simple is beautiful, like the sardines preserved in la Belle-cheerful olive oil and seasoned with a passported tomato. Nothing else is needed when the flavors of quality and pure raw materials come into their own. Try it on pizza or bruscheta, in soup or pasta!

  • Tapas msc anchovies 47g min

    DeliDel's own anchovy fillets in olive oil are a perfect addition to a tapas plate, for example. Spanish anchovies have been caught in accordance with MSC sustainability standards.

  • madeleines kakut 500g min

    Madeleine cakes are small, shellfish-shaped pastries that are popular in France. Traditional Madeleine cakes are available for children and adults alike, with an afternoon goûter snack or coffee break. Madeleines are especially suitable for dipping into coffee, tea, cocoa and even a glass of milk.

  • peru coffee pure origine ground min

    Intensity: 7/12
    Aromas: chocolate, fruity, sour
    This high-quality Peruvian ground coffee comes from Central Peru, where coffee bushes grow in a hot and humid climate surrounded by greenery. The most ideal growth environment makes this coffee a very high quality pure origine or single origin coffee quality. Coffee beans are 100 % arabica. This medium-bodied and intense coffee has a hint of chocolate, fruitiness and acidity.

  • acacia honey

    Acacia honey from Mariangela Prunotto in Italy is a high quality and subtly aromatic honey. It is a single-flowered honey produced by bees that have pollinated the acacia trees in their vicinity. Thanks to its mild taste, acacia honey is suitable for sweetening a wide range of desserts and beverages, as its aroma does not mask the aromas of the food or drink to be sweetened.

  • alziari extra virgin olive oil Prestige 1l min

    La Maison Alziar's high-quality Cuvée Prestige extra virgin olive oil is a “cold cru” olive oil cold-pressed from olives harvested in the best regions of Europe. Olives of different varieties are certainly harvested when ripe, which gives the oil its unique fruity taste. The fine and soft aromas of the oil are suitable for seasoning both salads and cooked dishes.

  • 3,95

    La Chinata smoked chili pepper powder “Picante” is a fiery and aromatic smoked chili pepper powder. It is a local blend of Pimentón de La Vera and has a certificate of origin. There are three variants of Pimentón de la Vera pepper powder: Picante, dulce and agridulce, ie hot, sweet and sour sweet. The stylish and bright red tin can is easy to use and is happy to leave to decorate the kitchen spice rack.

  • godard truffle oil

    La Maison Godard white truffle oil is made from high quality olive oil and white truffle. You finish it with pastas, risottos and salads.

  • dried delicacy

    Dried delicacy is also a valued ingredient in French cuisine. With La Maison Godard’s dried delicacies, you make delicious risottos, pasta sauces and pies, even if the mushroom joy hasn’t hit the spot!

  • Lemon Limone Pepe pastificio Morelli

    Linguine pasta flavored with lemon and pepper at the Morell pasta factory in Tuscany is a fresh, aromatic pasta. The pure lemon flavor comes from fresh, authentic lemons. Try lemon & pepper paste at its simplest with olive oil, or add grated parmesan or pecorini and a small crumb of fresh black pepper. Cooking time 6-7 minutes.

  • duck liver whole 125g

    Whole duck liver is a prized treat in French cuisine. La Maison Godard duck liver has been produced under controlled conditions that ensure animal welfare. Serve as it is sliced on top of toasted country bread and with good wine!

  • ankkaa ja riisia viherpippurikastikkeella min

    If the traditional market shelf is no longer tempting, check out La Belle Chaurienne’s traditional French prepared dishes! Duck and rice in green pepper sauce are made only from pure raw materials without unnecessary additives or preservatives. In just 2 minutes you will have an authentic French taste experience.