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  • 5,20

    DeliDel's white balsamic is a carefully and traditionally made light balsamic vinegar. Its subtle fruity aromas are perfect for seasoning salads. Try white balsamic for fish and seafood and even fruit salad!

  • 4,20

    DeliDel red wine vinegar is made from carefully selected grapes and matured for 12 months in oak barrels. Thanks to ripening, red wine vinegar acquires its characteristic round and oaky aroma. The grapes used in the vinegar, on the other hand, bring the deep ruby red color of the vinegar in addition to its aromas. Our red wine vinegar is well suited for both salads and meat dishes.

  • 4,30

    The basic ingredients of every kitchen include high-quality white wine vinegar. DeliDel white wine vinegar is made from white wine vinegar and a grape juice concentrate from Chardonnay grapes, which gives the vinegar a soft, fruity and delicately woody aroma. It is especially suitable for fish dishes as well as traditional beurre Blanc sauce.

  • ratatouille organic

    Maison ProSain's ready-made tracks are an easy, tasty and healthy basic product in the kitchen cupboard. Made from pure organic ingredients, ratatouille tastes as such as a warm, multi-dish side dish. You can also use it as a sauce base for pizza, lasagna or pasta, for example!

  • Kesätryffelicarpaccio

    The summer truffle carpaccio of the French La Maison Godard is a fine summer truffle slice preserved in olive oil. Serve as is with toast or on top of a traditional carpaccio, for example!

  • Organic Sherry Wine Vinegar Reserva 250ml CR3

    Produced exclusively from organic grapes from vineyards in the so-called Sherry Triangle. Organic production techniques typical of the Vinagre de Jerez designation of origin have been used throughout the process, from grape production to grape juice fermentation, wine acidification and vinegar aging.

  • 4,60

    Belugu lentils are often called lentil caviar. They are considered the best lenses due to the uniform round shape of the lens, the black color and the smooth surface. In addition to its delicious taste and upright texture, belgian lentils are rich in fiber, protein and minerals.

  • 8,90

    Chestnut flour is a gluten-free and aromatic flour alternative for both baking and cooking. Chestnut flour is also high in fiber. Clément Faugier's chestnut flour is packaged in a glass jar, where it retains its aroma and texture well.

  • hanhirillette

    La Maison Godard goose grillette is a high-quality and authentic French goose meat rillette, or spreadable pate-type canned food. Delicious even more on a slice of warm toast or country bread!

  • chestnut tube

    Chestnut spread or chestnut paste is a popular spread both at breakfast and at an afternoon snack in France. The recipe for Clément Faugier's chestnut paste has not changed over the centuries and uses only natural ingredients. Try this delicious sweet paste straight as it is on bread, fruit or curd or baking! The handy tube pack is easy to use and store.

  • walnut oil 250ml

    Huilerie Cauvin walnut oil is extracted from the aromatic walnuts found inside the walnut shell. The oil is golden yellow or even slightly greenish and has a recognizable walnut aroma. Walnut oil is best used cold in salads, for example, to preserve all of its healthy omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

  • spaghetti 1kg

    Perhaps Italy’s best-known pasta, spaghetti, tastes good to everyone from baby to granddaughter. Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its authentic Italian spaghetti from durum wheat flour, which uses wheat germ. This preserves more vitamins and aromas in the pasta. Cooking time 8 minutes.

  • grissotti olive oil stick 1

    The Grissotti bread stick is a traditional, salted, dried bread stick baked in olive oil. They are tasty as such for snacks, for example with a glass of wine. Try them with soups instead of traditional bread, for example. With Grissotti bread sticks, you can also create tasty antipastas: wrap a slice of air-dried ham around the stick and serve with sun-dried tomatoes, for example!

  • 8,95

    A hint of cognac, a pinch of curry and a lobster’s own unique flavor - this is how a la Belle-happily perfect lobster soup is created!

    The lobster soup recipe was once prepared for two years to make sure all the delicate aromas come into their own in a velvety soft whole. Try it as is or in a gratin!

  • 4,95

    Normandy is famous for its apple ciders, which are also used to make popular apple cider vinegars in the region. Their digestive properties have made vinegars a favorite for all types of seasonings, such as salads, sauces or fish and chicken broths.

  • Sherry wine vinegar Reserva al Pedro Ximenes 250ml

    Thanks to its organoleptic properties, Pedro Ximénez Reserve vinegar is particularly suitable for meat dishes, cheese-based salads, cooking sauces and desserts.