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    Normandy is famous for its apple ciders, which are also used to make popular apple cider vinegars in the region. Their digestive properties have made vinegars a favorite for all types of seasonings, such as salads, sauces or fish and chicken broths.

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  • Sherry wine vinegar Reserva al Pedro Ximenes 250ml

    Thanks to its organoleptic properties, Pedro Ximénez Reserve vinegar is particularly suitable for meat dishes, cheese-based salads, cooking sauces and desserts.

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  • aceto balsamico di Modena igp invecchiato Sigillo Verde vaaha 5v min

    Sigillo Verde balm from La Bonissima, a modern balsamic manufacturer, has been aged in oak barrels for at least five years. It has developed intense fruity aromas and a classic dark color. Try Sigillo Verde balsamic, especially as a seasoning for roasts and meatballs, or as an elegant sauce for cooked vegetables.

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  • country terrine flavored with truffle 3 min

    La Maison Godard’s authentic truffle-flavored country thistle is full of rustic, French flavors. The terrine made from pork and liver is seasoned with authentic black truffle from product 3 %.

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  • Ethiopia pure origine coffee bean 1kg min

    Intensity: 8/12
    Aromas: apricot and jasmine
    This medium-bodied, pure origine coffee with fruity and aromatic nuances grows on the undulating plateaus of Limo, Ethiopia. The coffee beans come from local small plantations and are 100 % arabica. The coffee uses a mixture of washed beans as well as natural-processed beans, which brings both strength and fruity aromas to the coffee.

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  • Guatemala fair trade pure origine coffee bean min

    Intensity: 7/12
    Aromas: honey and chocolate
    Pure origine coffee from Lobodis, Guatemala, grows in volcanic terrain on the mountain slopes in the middle of wildlife. Most of the coffee growers are descendants of Mayans who are able to walk and work in difficult terrain. Coffee beans grown in accordance with the principles of fair trade are 100 % arabica. In medium-bodied roasted coffee, both honey and chocolate aromas can be detected.

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  • bolivie pure origine cafe en grains 1kg min

    Intensity: 6/12
    Aromas: hazelnut and roasted almond
    Growing on the Bolivian side on the slopes of the Andes, benefiting from a hot and humid climate, this coffee is soft and mildly aromatic. The coffee beans are 100 % arabica and pure origin or single origin coffee. Coffee is grown organically and responsibly in accordance with Fair Trade criteria. The soft but balanced and strong coffee has a hint of both hazelnut and roasted almonds.

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  • 100v balsamic

    Carved from a walnut tree, the luxurious and numbered box hides a 100-year-old balsamic, La Bonissima's crown jewel. hedonistically for enjoyment.

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  • Aceto balsamico di Modena igp invecchiato Sigillo Platino vah 15v min

    The pride of La Bonissima in Modena is the Sigillo Platino balsamic matured for at least 15 years. Aged in oak barrels, this dark balsamic is densely aromatic with its multidimensional yet delicate, sweet aromas. Try it especially with strawberries and desserts. Here you will also find an inseparable partner for Parmesan cheese!

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  • bonbons a la violette 150 g min

    Pansy caramel

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  • tagliolini pomodoro pastificio Morelli

    Tagliolini tomato paste from the Tuscan Morelli pasta factory is full of aromas of Tuscan tomatoes and durum wheat. In its simplest form, it offers cooked pasta with quality olive oil and fresh basil as it is! Cooking time 5 minutes.

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  • Provence herb blend vintage

    Even more traditional than the Provencal tradition, the herbal blend “Herbes de Provence” is one of the cornerstones of Mediterranean cuisine. The beautiful vintage jar is packaged with a blend of only premium herbs that does not contain any genetically modified plants (GMOs) or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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  • Puy lens aop min

    La Ponote Du Puy lentils are green lentils grown in central France at an altitude of 1,100 meters. Traditional lentil cultivation has been practiced in the area for 2,000 years. The climate and soil of the area give them their unique aromatic taste, fine texture and thin skin. In addition to their delicious taste, they are rich in antioxidants, iron and magnesium, and protein and fiber.

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  • cornichons

    What would be an apéro or tapas moment without little cornichons? Cocktail cucumbers from the French Percheron Freres are hand-picked and preserved in vinegar with coriander and tarragon. Order and taste but be careful not to get caught!

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  • Fregula pastificio Morelli

    Fregula Sarda Tostata is a Sardinian specialty that is sometimes called Sardinian couscous. The small pearl-shaped pasta is finally toasted from the oven, making their color beautifully toasted. Fregega's unique production method gives the pasta even a slight hazelnut aroma. Traditionally, fregula pasta is served with a tomato-basil-based mussel sauce. Cooking time 12 minutes.

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    Biscuiterie du Quercy is one of the main producers of artisanal rings in France. Its traditional meringues are wonderfully soft and tough on the inside and crunchy on the outside. A slight hint of vanilla gives the meringues a sophisticated flavor.

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