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  • delicacy basket organic min

    The delicacy basket contains the following products:
    2120 - Whole grain organic tin spaghetti 500g FI-EKO-201
    2265 - Organic olive oil Bio 250m FI-EKO-201
    1049 - Organic and fair trade mint chocolate candy 145g FI-EKO-201
    5211 - French organic rural patch 220g FI-EKO-201
    5193 - Organic williams pear jam 320g FI-EKO-201
    455 - Organic walnut mustard 200g FI-EKO-201
    9204 - Organic wash 130g FI-EKO-201
    5046 - Pure Origine Caribbean organic coffee 250g FI-EKO-201
    1049 - Organic tea
    1584 - BASKET - zinc oval white decorations 36x28x9
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • organic tomato passata bottle min

    Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato passport is made from sun-ripened Italian tomatoes picked at just the right moment. The tomato paste, ie the pasteurized tomatoes, has been cooked and preserved from pure organic tomatoes, and nothing else has been added to it. Use as such as a tomato sauce or other sauce base.

  • 9203 pesto Rosso

    Authentic Italian red pesto is made from sun-ripened organic tomatoes and cashews, among other things, which give this delicious organic pesto its own special aroma. The strong-tasting but balanced pesto is suitable for many uses, from bruscheta to pasta and crostines. Also try it as such, as a side dish or filling with red meat or chicken!

  • 9204 pesto bio

    Authentic Italian green pesto is made from fresh organic basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, sea salt and lemon juice - without any artificial flavors or ingredients. Basil, hand-picked in August, is used fresh immediately, guaranteeing the authentic and delicious aromas of pesto. Try and find your new favorite pesto!

  • eucalyptus honey

    Authentic Italian eucalyptus honey is made from honey produced by bees that have pollinated eucalyptus trees. It is said to have many wellness-promoting effects ranging from the lungs to digestion. Try it in a variety of hot drinks, pastries and cooking!

  • Truffle Brossees Extra whole 1

    Even outside the truffle season, you can enjoy whole black truffles on La Maison Godard’s preserved black truffle. Serve it as it is thinly sliced or use to season different dishes. When preserved, the luxurious taste of black truffle only intensifies, which is why it is considered and valued as an ingredient in French cuisine.

  • 19,90

    The Spanish Finca la Barca olive oil has acquired its special, smoky aroma through the traditional Extremadura smoking method. Only first-class wood is used for smoking, and the oil is allowed to rest in the “smokehouse” for two weeks, from which the oil gets its smoky nuances.

  • artichoke spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon artichoke spread is a wonderfully velvety and creamy delicacy. Treat it as such with toast and fresh white wine, or add it to a pizza topping, for example. The spread contains up to 60 % artichokes and no additional additives or preservatives at all.

  • sun-dried tomato spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon spread made from sun-dried tomatoes is recognizable by its beautiful dark red hue and rich flavor. The spread is finished with mozzarella, which gives it its charming soft taste. The application does not contain any additional additives or preservatives. Only the imagination is the limit to what this tomato and soft delicacy can be used in addition to salty mouthfuls!

  • Hollandaise

    One of the most famous classics in French cuisine is hollandaise sauce rounded with butter and flavored with lemon. To make sure your Dutch are successful, get Maison Potier's ready-made hollaindaise sauce sachets. The sauce is made only from the best and most authentic ingredients, respecting the traditional recipe. At its fastest, you can finish the sauce in just 10 seconds by heating in the microwave. Convenient sachets always keep the sauce fresh and keep losses to a minimum. Try it with asparagus, fish and poultry!

  • Bearnaise

    One of the undisputed classics of French cuisine is the béarnaise sauce, which is a variation of hollandaise sauce flavored with tarragon. You can only get the perfect béarnaise sauce by heating Maison Potier's finished sauce sachet. The sauce is made from only the best ingredients without any artificial flavors or colors. Individual sachets guarantee good shelf life and allow losses to be minimized. Try the sauce favorites with steak, fish or seafood, for example!

  • Pepper sauce

    When your mind makes a decent pepper sauce, try Maison Potier's ready-made pepper sauce! The creamy pepper sauce packed in individual serving bags is suitable for both steaks and poultry. The sauce is made only from the best and purest ingredients. At its easiest, you heat the sauce in just 10 seconds in the microwave. Individually packaged serving bags keep the sauce fresh, and you can always optimize the amount of sauce according to the eaters, without losing it.

  • Red wine sauce

    You can't always cook and have to cook delicious sauces from start to finish. With Maison Potier's ready-made red wine sauce, you can crown your meal in just 10 seconds! The red wine sauce seasoned with shallots is most easily heated in the microwave. Convenient individual packages keep the sauce fresh, and the amount of sauce can also always be fully optimized according to the number of diners without loss.

  • Piedmont roasted hazelnut IGP 200g

    Piedmont roasted hazelnuts, IGP 200 g