In three generations, the Cauvin oil plant has gone through a real metamorphosis.

1951: It all starts in Nîmes, where Gilbert Cauvin takes over the professional cooperative Sauveur Chauvet, which in 1930 began making olive confectionery before practicing with recognized quality oils. .

1956: Winter winter jeopardizes the harvest and marks the end of the mill. Gilbert Cauvin, assistant founder, ensures production from hundreds of other local factories. This is the arrival of the first elite taster! Curious and innovative, he travels the region in search of the most noble products.

1970: The oil refinery turns to the development and trade of other oils, which it sells to a professional clientele (food industry, cosmetics ...).

1985: Gérard Cauvin, the current Deputy Director, takes over the reins of the company. He started tasting from his childhood until the ritual, and he is looking for the Mediterranean in search of quality products with an atypical taste.

2004: Current director Serge Filhol buys the company and opens the Cauvin oil plant to the general public, offering increasingly tasty and atypical products in supermarkets. The Gard Oil Plant develops new gourmet oils every year thanks to the abilities of elite tasters.

2017: Cauvin invests in a new Gard production facility to preserve and develop an elite tasting culture. The change also aims to satisfy consumers and professional customers (food industry, cosmetics, private labeling, etc.) through more efficient and responsible processes, an approach aimed at IFS certification (guarantee of product safety and quality of food).

The oil plant currently offers about 40 products with diverse flavors. Its organic product range has new flavors, while the premium olive oil "Sélection" has been awarded the Gault et Millau label for its organoleptic properties.

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  • grape seed oil min

    Grape seed oil withstands very high temperatures, so it is the best oil for frying. The grape seed oil of Huilerie Cauvin in France is high in good fatty acids and is therefore a natural part of a healthy diet.

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  • sesame oil 250ml

    Sesame oil from the French Huilerie Cauvin is made from roasted, organically grown sesame seeds by cold pressing. Roasting the seeds enhances the nutty aroma of the seeds. Sesame seed oil is a great spice for all salads. In addition, it is perfect for seasoning Asian dishes.

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  • walnut oil 250ml

    Huilerie Cauvin walnut oil is extracted from the aromatic walnuts found inside the walnut shell. The oil is golden yellow or even slightly greenish and has a recognizable walnut aroma. Walnut oil is best used cold in salads, for example, to preserve all of its healthy omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

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  • 25,90

    Huilerie Cauvin’s Délicate organic olive oil is perfect for Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of flavors. It tastes great on toast, vinaigrettes and salads. It is also well suited for frying and deep frying.

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  • extra virgin olive oil 2 min

    The cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from the French Huilerie Cauvin is a good kitchen oil that is suitable for all kinds of cooking and finishing.

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