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It happened in 1955 in a small bakery in the village of Trinité-sur-Mer, when Lucien Petit accidentally came up with a recipe for a small pastry; butter rolled by hand on a roll = la cigarette.
This biscuit became so popular that Biscuiterie La Trinitaine was founded and the story of the house can begin. Today, the bakery bakes 11,000 tonnes of biscuits a year and has 46 of its own shops in France. Since 2010, the company has been run by Lucien Petit’s grandchildren Yann Petit, Ann and Gaelle Petit.

Lucien Petit in 1953 bakery la cigarette
Biscuits and cakes are made using genuine ingredients; eggs, flour, sugar and butter. Nowadays, it is difficult to find biscuits without vegetable fats such as biscuits containing palm oil on the biscuit shelf. La Trinitainen biscuits taste like butter and childhood.

DeliDel’s selections include Palet and Galette biscuits, Madeleine cakes, Quatre Quart breakfast cake, biscuit boxes and of course La Cigarette.

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  • lavender honey 150g min

    Très parfumé, Délicat et savoureux!
    Authentic Provencal lavender honey is a very aromatic and prized honey. Lavender honey gets its floral and delicate taste and aroma from bees pollinating lavender flowers. Try different desserts or even glaze pork ribs!

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  • aamiaiskakku

    The Brittany Quatre Quart breakfast cake is the crowning delicacy of a holiday breakfast. A soft cake baked in real butter is perfect for dipping a hot drink and as such to be enjoyed with, for example, jam, honey or “milk jam” or confiture de lait.

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  • madeleines cakes 500g min

    Madeleine cakes are small, shellfish-shaped pastries that are popular in France. Traditional Madeleine cakes are available for children and adults alike, with an afternoon goûter snack or coffee break. Madeleines are especially suitable for dipping into coffee, tea, cocoa and even a glass of milk.

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  • 6,50

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  • cigarette biscuits 150 g min

    Cigarette biscuits get their name from their cigar-like shape. The thin and crunchy delicacy is especially good to enjoy with a glass of champagne, in a serving of ice cream or even with a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa. The recipe for these biscuits, traditionally baked from pure ingredients, has been passed down from one generation to the next.

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