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  • paellapannuwebp

    The product is made of cold-laminated steel and coated with an acid-resistant enamel coating.

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  • rice maratelli variety 1 kg

    The Spanish Arroz Brazal maratelli rice variety is excellent for paella rice. Its round and pearl-like grains effectively absorb all the flavors of the broth and withstand brewing. In addition to paella, rice is well suited for risottos and dishes prepared in the oven.
    Cooking time 16–17 minutes, after which the rice is left to rest for a while.

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  • deserto del Oro extra virgin olive oil picual 500 ml min

    Picual organic olive oil from Oro del Desierto in Spain is made from young olives of the Piqual variety that are harvested early. The oil is cold-pressed in two stages, and thus a limited batch of top-quality extra virgin organic olive oil is obtained. The scent of the oil has a lot of fruitiness and the aroma of freshly cut grass. The oil is not very strong, and in its aftertaste you can feel fresh lettuce and a hint of bitterness.

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  • paella spice

    The paella spice of La Chinata, a Spanish pepper spice house, consists mainly of the manufacturer's smoked paprika powder and saffron. It is a completely organic product with no dyes or preservatives at all. The spice blend is also gluten free and 100 % herbal. There are four individually wrapped bags in the package, and one bag is enough for about 300 grams of rice.

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  • smoked paprika powder hot

    La Chinata smoked chili pepper powder “Picante” is a fiery and aromatic smoked chili pepper powder. It is a local blend of Pimentón de La Vera and has a certificate of origin. There are three variants of Pimentón de la Vera pepper powder: Picante, dulce and agridulce, ie hot, sweet and sour sweet. The stylish and bright red tin can is easy to use and is happy to leave to decorate the kitchen spice rack.

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