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La Maison Alziar's high-quality Cuvée Prestige extra virgin olive oil is a “cold cru” olive oil cold-pressed from olives harvested in the best regions of Europe. Olives of different varieties are certainly harvested when ripe, which gives the oil its unique fruity taste. The fine and soft aromas of the oil are suitable for seasoning both salads and cooked dishes.

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Alziari Extra Jungfruolivolja 1l Prestige

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For more than a hundred years, La Maison Alziari has been making this “grand cru” extra virgin olive oil from carefully selected olives that have been carefully picked when ripe. The varieties of olives harvested from the best regions in Europe have been a kept secret of the house. The olives are cold-pressed using a method in which the temperature of the oil does not rise above 27 degrees. Olives harvested when ripe bring a unique soft and fruity acidity to the oil of less than 0.3 %.
The color of the oil is warm golden and the aroma is clear almond. The aromas of light mango as well as artichokes and hazelnuts can be distinguished from the fruity taste. When cooked, the aroma of fresh almond still comes to the fore.
Cuvée Prestige olive oil is well preserved in its metal can, which protects the oil from both light and the roots of transport. However, no metallic flavor is released from the jar into the oil itself. Like quality wines, olive oils do not like temperature fluctuations. For this reason, it is advisable to store the oil inside the cabinet or at least away from the window.
Now you too have the opportunity to get the olive oil your home favored by master chefs!

extra virgin olive oil
extra virgin olivolya

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Weight 1000 g (gramma)
Ean code: 3760171280003
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Energy: 3696kJ / 899kcal Fat: 99.9g of which saturated: 14g Carbohydrates: 0g jbuy sugar: 0g Protein: 0g Salt: 0g Fiber:


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