Artichoke spread 90g


The Délices du Luberon artichoke spread is a wonderfully velvety and creamy delicacy. Treat it as such with toast and fresh white wine, or add it to a pizza topping, for example. The spread contains up to 60 % artichokes and no additional additives or preservatives at all.

Kronärtskockspålägg 90g

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The artichoke spread of Délices du Luberon in France is a delicious spread for many uses directly from Provence. No additional additives and preservatives or artificial flavors have been used in the product, but all the taste comes from pure ingredients. Once opened, the application can be stored in the refrigerator for 72 hours. The spread is wonderfully suitable as a salty mouthpiece or as a side dish for fish or chicken, for example.

artichoke 60%, sunflower oil, olive oil, anchovy paste (anchovy, sunflower oil, vinegar, salt, curry, spices, pepper, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon), garlic, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate,
kronärtskocka 60%, solrosolja, olivolja, ansjovispasta (ansjovis, solrosolja, vinäger, salt, curry, kryddor, peppar, muskotnöt, kryddnejlika, cinnamon)

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