Cherries in syrup 320g


Whole cherries in syrup by Italian Mariangela Prunotto are like a breeze of fresh cherries even outside the harvest season. Their precise harvesting and preservation guarantee the preservation of the fresh characteristics of the cherries. Fresh cherries are stored within a few hours of picking in a light syrup, and nothing else is needed. Try it as it is for delicacies, with ice cream or in different desserts. Preservative broth also gives you a great ingredient for cocktails!

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The Italian Mariangela Prunotto cultivates its own sweet cherries (Prunus avium) in its cherry orchards in Alba, Langhe and Roero. The cherries are picked by hand at several different times during the harvest season so that all the cherries to be picked are just perfectly ripe. They are also stored immediately within a few hours of picking up according to a traditional recipe inherited from grandmothers.
This results in perfect preserved cherries that retain the soft and sweet aromas of the cherries. Cherries are only preserved in light cane sugar broth. Careful and uninterrupted preservation ensures that the fresh characteristics of the cherry are preserved long after the harvest season, so that you can enjoy the cherry at its best, even during the darkest times of winter.

Ingredients: cherry, butter, cane sugar

Content: körsbär, smör, rörsocker

Possible allergens:

Nutritional content:
731kJ / 174kcal Fat: <0.1g of which saturated: <0.1g Carbohydrates: 41g jbuy sugar: 36g Protein: 0.8g Salt: <0.2g Fiber: 3.4g


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cherries in syrup 320g

Cherries in syrup 320g