Black cherry - Morello cherry jam 100% fruits 300g

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Lucien Georgelin’s two cherry jam contains both a sweeter black cherry and, as the name implies, a more sour cherry. In addition to the cherries themselves, the jam only gets its sweetness from natural fructose. The jam meets the criteria of even the most demanding gourmets with its pure composition and authentic cherry flavor!

Svart körsbär Surkörsbärssylt

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The wonderfully fruity and delicious Lucien Georgelin jams are still cooked in a large pot for a long time, as has been done for decades according to the recipes of the manufacturer’s mother. In the jam of two cherries, two different varieties of cherries meet: a sweet black cherry and a more sour cherry.
The secret of the delicious recipe is the authentic traditional method of preparation, pure ingredients and natural pectin - without additives or preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors. In addition to the berries, the jam is sweetened only with natural fruit sugar and seasoned with a drop of lemon juice. The jam contains up to 60 % of genuine cherries.
The jam with two cherries is perfect to eat as it is on bread, with a croissant, with cheeses or as a filling for desserts and pastries!

Ingredients60% fruit (cherry 36%, sour cherry 24%), concentrated fruit juice, pectin, lemon juice

Content60% fruct (Körsbär 36%, Surkörsbär 24%), concentrerad fruktsaft, pectin, citronsaft

Possible allergens:

Nutritional content:
560 kJ / 132 kcal Fat: <0,5g of which saturated: <0.1g Carbohydrates: 30g jbuy sugar: 27g Protein: 1.1g Salt: 0.05g Fiber:

3 arviota tuotteelle Musta kirsikka-hapankirsikkahillo 100% 300g

  1. Soil frost (verified owner) -

    I ordered this for the first time and I must say that I have never tasted such good jam. Usually these are too sweet, but this cherry jam is perfect. It also suits me as an occasional treat, although I usually try to avoid sweets. Perfect with, for example, a digestive-style biscuit, or even with latkes. I appreciate the high berry content and natural substances.

  2. Tarja (verified owner) -

    Lovely really fruity jam. It's not sweet but has a wonderful cherry flavor, the characteristic cherry flavor is not covered with sugar. Absolutely wonderful, for example, on toast.

  3. Laura (verified owner) -

    Delicious in chocolate pastries or on toast. Not too sweet at all, but fresh.

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Black cherry - Morello cherry jam 100% fruits 300g