Duck legs 4–5 pcs, 8 pcs, 15 kg, home delivery


DeliDel's preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury on the dining table for both everyday and festive occasions. Here you are guaranteed to get a delicious Dining Table crown for even a larger party delivered straight home. DeliDel's perir french preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury for the dining table, both for everyday life and for parties. Ducks are allowed to live outdoors and are only fed GMO-free corn kernels without antibiotics. This type of cultivation is used in less than 5 % of French production.


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DeliDel's duck legs are derived from the traditional French country duck breed, which is characterized by a slow growth rate. It is also well recognizable for its black and white colors.

Duck legs (France), duck fat, salt
Anklår (Frankrike), ankfett, salt

Additional information

Weight 14000 g (gramma)
Dimensions 31×31×18 cm (senttimetri)
country of origin

EAN CODE: 6430035192564

Energy: 360kcal, kj = 1493kj Fat: 30% of which saturated: 9.9g Carbohydrates: <0,1% jbuy sugar: <0,1% Protein: 22% Salt: 1,7% Fiber: <0,4%


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