Oltramare extra virgin olive oil, Frantoio D'Orazio 500 ml


The eight different varieties used in Frantoio D'Orazio's Oltamare olive oil from Italy create a harmonious symphony of aromas. This high-quality extra virgin olive oil has a light fruity taste, and its aroma emphasizes the notes of leaves and grass. The bottles of Frantoio D'Orazio's Opera series olive oils have a unique and beautiful pattern for each different product, which makes the olive oil a beautiful Mediterranean element in the kitchen.

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Oltamare is a light olive oil with grassy and leafy notes. On the palate, the oil is slightly bitter and peppery and balanced. You can also sense hints of fresh vegetables in the flavor.
This light and fruity oil is perfect for finishing dishes without changing or masking the taste of the dish. It is perfect for fresh salads, vegetable soups and bean-based dishes. Try it also with artichokes, asparagus, boiled vegetables and light meat. It is also a dot on the i in bruschettas, sauces, baked tomatoes and truffle sauce.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil

Content: extra virgin olive oil

Possible allergens:

Nutritional content:
Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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Weight 500 g (gramma)
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Olive oil


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Frantoio dorazio oltramare extra virgin olive oil 500ml min

Oltramare extra virgin olive oil, Frantoio D'Orazio 500 ml