Grilled artichoke in olive oil 320g

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To enjoy authentic Italian artichokes, try Mariangela Prunotto’s grilled artichokes in olive oil. Here you will find an easy and delicious side dish for many different dishes, an ingredient in a salad or an antipasta plate to offer. Also try artichoke pasta!

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Grilled artichokes in olive oil by Italian Mariangela Prunotto are made from hand-picked and carefully selected fresh artichokes. After picking, fresh artichokes are carefully cleaned and the outermost leaves are removed. They are then grilled and allowed to cool for a while before being preserved in extra virgin olive oil to which herbs have been added to complete the taste. The preservation uses a traditional recipe that genuinely preserves the artichoke’s own, fresh flavor.

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Weight 320 g (gramma)
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vegan product

EAN CODE: 8013418001301

Energy: 977kJ / 233kcal Fat: 23.6g of which saturated: 3.7g Carbohydrates: 1.3g jbuy sugar: 0.4g Protein: 2.1g Salt: 0.6g Fiber: 3.5g

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  1. Paulina -

    A high-quality and tasty product.

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