Milk jam, French caramel 320 g


Milk jam, or confiture de lait in French, is also known in Spanish as 'dulce de leche'. It is a caramel cooked from milk and sugar, whose velvetiness and caramel charm all sweet lovers. Try milk jam on both a waffle and a crepe, on bread, with ice cream, as a filling for a cake or pastry, or as such for dipping.

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Milk jam, or confiture de lait, made according to a traditional recipe, charms both gourmets and other curious people. It is made from skim milk by boiling with sugar, creating a lovely velvety and soft spreadable caramel. This traditional Normandy delicacy is suitable for both everyday and festive occasions, to be eaten as such, as a side dish or as an ingredient in pastries, for example.

IngredientsCondensed milk from Normandy * 45% (whole milk powder from Normandy, water), Sterilized cream (cream, stabilizer: carrageenan) **, Cane sugar, Caramel (sugar, water) Milk protein **, Emulsifier: fatty acid monodiglycerides * Origin: France ** Origin: EU

ContentCondensed matter from Normandy * 45 % (powdered powder from Normandy, cotton wool), Sterilized cream (stabilizer: carrageenan) **, Rice sponge, Caramel (socker, cotton), Mgölprotein **, Emulsified Frankrike ** Ursprung: EU

Possible allergens: milk

Nutritional content:
Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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Weight 320 g (gramma)
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confit de lait 320g rec au chaudron

Milk jam, French caramel 320 g