Orange Amère pomegranate jam 320 g


Orange Amère pomegranate jam is just marmalade made from pure ingredients with plenty of authentic pomegranate. Pomeranian is more acidic and slightly bitter than its relative orange, making it the perfect ingredient for sweet marmalade. Try it as it is on toast, with a croissant or in baking!

Pomerans Sylt

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DeliDel's own Orange Amère orange jam contains up to 40 % of whole fruit, plus only cane sugar and natural gelling agents (pectin, calcium citrate). It also has plenty of peeled pomegranate peel to bring flavor and texture.
Pomeranian jam is handcrafted using only the highest quality ingredients in France.

Additional information

Weight 210 g (gramma)
EAN CODE: 3441260003351

Energy: 953kJ / 224kcal Fat: <0,5g of which saturated: <0,1g Carbohydrates: 55g jbuy sugar: 54g Protein: <0,5g Salt: 0.02g Fiber:


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