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The mint chocolate of Chevalier d’Argouges in Normandy is made from organic chocolate produced according to Fair Trade criteria. The chocolate used in the confectionery is a dark chocolate with cocoa 72 %. The chocolates are made by hand and only from the best ingredients. Here is an authentic and ethically produced delicacy for mint chocolate lovers!

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Ekologisk och Rejäl handel mintchokladkonfekt 145g

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Chevalier d'Argouges is a manufacturer of handmade quality chocolates from the heart of Normandy. The chocolate masters of the manufacturer are real craftsmen who have inherited their craftsmanship from previous masters.
Chevalier d’Argouges chocolates are made only from genuine cocoa butter with no added vegetable fats. Chocolate also does not use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients or palm oil. The manufacturer strives to use only first-class and local raw materials.
All chocolate products are made by hand using traditional recipes and methods. The result is unforgettable taste experiences, the production of which has also followed ethical principles.

cocoa mass *, cane sugar *, caramel * 14% (cane sugar *, dried corn syrup *, water), cocoa butter *, invert sugar *, butter concentrate *, dried corn syrup *, whole MILK powder *, natural mint flavor, vanilla extract *. * Organic. Dark chocolate 65% (min. 72% cocoa).
cocoa mass *, roasted sourdough *, caramel * 14% (roasted sourdough *, sourdough breadcrumbs *, cotton wool), cocoa powder *, invert sourdough *, SMÖR concentrate *, sourdoughed sourdough *, light pomegranate powder *, natural mint flavor *, vanilla extract * Ecological. Mörkchoklad 65% (min. 72% cocoa).
May contain soy, nuts and gluten

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Weight 145 g (gramma)
Ean code: 3421371527533
Full box: 15

Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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