Tomato passport, organic 690 g

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Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato passport is made from sun-ripened Italian tomatoes picked at just the right moment. The tomato paste, ie the pasteurized tomatoes, has been cooked and preserved from pure organic tomatoes, and nothing else has been added to it. Use as such as a tomato sauce or other sauce base.

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At the best time of summer, organic tomatoes used in Mariangela Prunotto's tomato passage are picked by hand. After picking, they are taken directly to be processed into a delicious tomato paste within 48 hours of picking. Tomatoes in the tomato paste are cooked without salt. No sugar, herbs or other ingredients are added to the finished passat. Mere Italian organic tomatoes ripened in the sun will suffice.
The tomato passport is ready to use immediately as it is, for example as a pasta sauce with olive oil. You can also use passata in any recipe instead of a fresh tomato. Add garlic and olive oil to it to get the perfect tomato sauce for pasta, pizza and bruscheta.

Ingredients: 100% fresh organic tomatoes

Content: 100% färska tomater

Possible allergens:

Nutritional content:
94kJ / 22kcal Fat: <0.5g of which saturated: <0.1g Carbohydrates: 3g jbuy sugar: 3g Protein: 1.3g Salt: 0.05g Fiber: 2.1g

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Tomato passport, organic 690 g