Organic pea extra fins 2x190g FI-EKO-201


 organic product

Maison ProSain's canned peas are made from the best organic peas and carefully cooked in a seasoned soup. You can just heat the peas and they are ready for the side dish. Preserved peas are also excellent for cooking, such as pea soup.

Ecological business

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Preserved peas from Maison ProSain in France are made only from selected and finest organic peas. Carefully controlled and the right length of cooking time guarantees the soft texture and original taste of the peas. The preservation of peas is completed by a broth seasoned with vegetables and sea salt.

fine peas *, water, unrefined cane sugar *, garnish * 3% (onion *, carrot *), sea salt, onion * powder, shallot *. * Ingredients from organic farming
extra fina ärtor *, vatten, oraffinerat rörsocker *, garnering * 3% (stroke *, morot *), havssalt, stroke * Pulver, schalottenlök * Pulver. * Ingredients from ecological products
Contains fructose.

Additional information

Weight 380 g (gramma)
Ean code: 3335880008011
Full box: 6

Energy: 268kJ / 64kcal Fat: 0.7g of which saturated: <0,5g Carbohydrates: 7g jbuy sugar: 2.2g Protein: 4.1g Salt: 0.43g Fiber: 6g


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