Sardines in olive oil, spices and herbs 115g


Fall in love with sardines made according to a recipe inspired by Creole cuisine!

La Belle-cheerfully seasoned sardines in olive oil have been inspired by Creole spicy cuisine. The warm and authentic flavor combination only heals over time when preserved. Try even appetizers, tabbouleh salad or a savory pie!

Sardiner med kryddor 115g

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Fresh sardines are quickly boiled, after which they are hand-stacked in jars and spices and olive oil are poured on top. The combination of flavors is created from aromatic laurel and cloves of chili and pepper, bringing a stronger spiciness. Everything is crowned by a reasonably fruity extra-virgin olive oil. Like vintage wines, these sardines only get better over time. Try storing sardines for at least 6 months or longer before opening and you’re sure to notice the difference!

IngredientsSardine extra virgin olive oil herbs (cucumber, carrot, bay leaf) spices (chili, pepper, clove) salt

ContentSardine, extra virgin olivolja, orter (inläggning, morot, lagerblad), kryddor

Possible allergens: fish

Nutritional content:
1456 kJ / 352kcal Fat: 30.8g of which saturated: 6.19g Carbohydrates: 0.3g jbuy sugar: 0.3g Protein: 18g Salt: 0.8g Fiber:


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sardines in spicy broth 115g

Sardines in olive oil, spices and herbs 115g