Sherry wine vinegar “Gran Reserva” 250 ml


Finca la Barca sherry wine vinegar “Gran Reserva” is an authentic sherry wine vinegar from the Jerez region, which also has a certificate of origin. Wine vinegar has been aged for 10 years in oak barrels. It has a subtle clove and deciduous aroma and an intense dried fruit flavor.

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Authentic 'vinagre de Jerez', or sherry vinegar, is made from wines from the Jerez region in southern Spain. Gran Reserva sorghum vinegars must be aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years, at which time it will acquire its characteristic ripe and complex aromas.
Try Finca la Barca sherry wine vinegar when cooking in tomato dishes to bring the characteristic acidity, in the finishing of oven-rich vegetables, in marinades or sprinkled directly on top of a salad.

"Gran Reserva" sherry vinegar, E224 potassium metabisulphite

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Weight 250 g
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Energy: 231kJ 55kcal Fat: 0g of which saturated: 0g Carbohydrates: 3.2g jbuy sugar: 0g Protein: 0g Salt: 2g Fiber: