Torroncino nougat spread 100g


Traditional torrone nougat can now also be enjoyed as a soft spread. Torroncino nougatl spread from the Italian D. Barber is made only from natural ingredients, preserving the wonderful, recognizable taste of torrone-nougat. As a spread, it is also easy to use, for example, in baking!

Torroncino nougat pasta

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D. Barberon's Torroncino nougatl spread is made mainly from authentic Piedmont hazelnuts. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used in the application. No palm oil has been used in the product.
Try the Torroncino spread on bread, on top of a biscuit, with ice cream or even put in a cottage!

Piedmont hazelnut 63%, honey, sugar, glucose syrup, egg white, waffle (potato starch, water, olive oil), Madagascar vanilla
Piedmont buttermilk 63%, honung, socker, glucose syrup, algae, vodka (potatisstärkelse, vatten, olivolja), Madagascar vanilla
hazelnut, egg white

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Weight 100 g (gramma)
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Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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