A symbol of eternal life, the olive tree inspires the early days of Maison Alziar.

1868: The history of the house is excavated and records show that Cecar Martin decides to buy an old mill ruin in the Madeleine district of Nice and begins to press olive oil. He will soon build a new building and the company will start to function well.

1900: Nicolas Alziari, the husband of Cecar Martin's daughter, takes over the company and realizes in a competitive situation that it pays to develop the company so that it offers its customers higher quality and more advanced oils. At that time, only one olive variety called Cailletier was grown in the Nice area and all the oil came from this variety. Then he gets the idea e.g. inspired by the making of wine, coffee and chocolate to start working with different varieties. He traveled all over Europe looking at and studying different varieties. It took years and a completely different kind of know-how to finally be able to offer the mixes that the house later became famous for.

1920: Nicolas and Jeanne decide to open a shop in downtown Nice.

1936: The store succeeded and they decided to open another store, which is still in place.

After several years, a change of owner was compulsory, as no successors were found in the offspring. Currently, the company and 60 acres of olive groves are run by the sons of the Piot family.

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