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  • artichoke spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon artichoke spread is a wonderfully velvety and creamy delicacy. Treat it as such with toast and fresh white wine, or add it to a pizza topping, for example. The spread contains up to 60 % artichokes and no additional additives or preservatives at all.

  • sun-dried tomato spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon spread made from sun-dried tomatoes is recognizable by its beautiful dark red hue and rich flavor. The spread is finished with mozzarella, which gives it its charming soft taste. The application does not contain any additional additives or preservatives. Only the imagination is the limit to what this tomato and soft delicacy can be used in addition to salty mouthfuls!

  • organic sun-dried tomato spread 90g min

    According to a traditional Provencal recipe, the spread made from sun-dried organic tomatoes is seasoned with mozzarella, which cuts the acidity of the tomato and forms a perfect taste pair with the tomato. Try it as it is on toast, with mozzarella or as a filling in breads and tapas.

  • organic hummus 90g min

    Organic hummus is a delicious and protein-rich spread for both everyday and festive occasions. It is made from high quality herbal ingredients, so it is also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives have been used in organic hummus.

  • organic green tapenade 90g min

    Made from organic ingredients, the green tapenade is full of subtle olive aromas that are crowned by a slight acidity in the aftertaste. Green tapenade is a great companion with sparkling or white wine to enjoy.