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  • duck legs 4 5pcs min

    DeliDel's perir french preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury for the dining table, both for everyday and festive occasions. The ducks in the product have been reared responsibly and without forced feeding slowly at their own pace. Ducks are allowed to live outdoors and are only fed GMO-free corn kernels without antibiotics. This type of cultivation is used in less than 5 % of French production.

  • viikuuna saksanpahkinahillo min

    A classic and charming pair of flavors is fig and goat cheese. As a low-sugar jam, fig fits perfectly with cheese plates. This DeliDel fig jam is further flavored with walnuts, which adds a perfect addition and flavor to the jam. Try fig & walnut jam with different blue cheeses too!

  • lemons min

    Lemons preserved whole are an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine outside the fresh lemons season. Lemons preserved in salt and water can be used to season a wide variety of foods, including fish and chicken. DeliDel’s preserved lemons come from Egypt, where they have been ripened under the sun to be juicy and beautiful golden yellow. Use the peel part of the lemons in particular or cut them into whole thin slices and use in different dishes!

  • Reims champagne vinegar 12 months min

    This festive champagne vinegar is made in Reims, Champagne. The production follows the traditions of champagne production. The vinegar has been matured in oak barrels for 12 months, which has brought the vinegar its unique subtle and oak aromas.

  • 3 different jelly for cheese gift box min

    The perfect gift for a cheese lover or as a gift for a cheese tasting evening is the gift package of DeliDel's three different jellies. Jellies are particularly well-suited to certain cheeses and have new unprecedented taste dimensions in them. Jellies are made only from natural ingredients without artificial ingredients. The jellies in the pack are:
    Cider, apple & calvados jelly for camambert / Pont l'Evéque cheese
    White wine & pear jelly for roquefort / blue cheese
    Fig & walnut jam.

  • valkoviini paarynahyytelo roquefortsinihomejuustolle min

    For the perfect combination of salty and sweet, you need DeliDel white wine & pear jelly and blue cheese. White wine-based jellies go particularly well with blue cheese, as well as pear. So the jelly has all the ingredients of perfection! Try roquefort or other blue cheeses.

  • palet biscuit pack 200g

    Thick and crunchy palette biscuits are made in the traditional Breton way in salty butter. Golden toasted biscuits are a tasty treat to enjoy as a coffee moment.

  • 5,90

    Balsamico de Modena is a high-quality and soft, authentic modal balsamic. Try it for seasoning meats, for example, and for stronger cheeses like parmesan. For desserts, Balsamico de Modena seasones both strawberries and even vanilla ice cream!

  • 5,20

    DeliDel's white balsamic is a carefully and traditionally made light balsamic vinegar. Its subtle fruity aromas are perfect for seasoning salads. Try white balsamic for fish and seafood and even fruit salad!

  • 4,20

    DeliDel red wine vinegar is made from carefully selected grapes and matured for 12 months in oak barrels. Thanks to ripening, red wine vinegar acquires its characteristic round and oaky aroma. The grapes used in the vinegar, on the other hand, bring the deep ruby red color of the vinegar in addition to its aromas. Our red wine vinegar is well suited for both salads and meat dishes.

  • 4,30

    The basic ingredients of every kitchen include high-quality white wine vinegar. DeliDel white wine vinegar is made from white wine vinegar and a grape juice concentrate from Chardonnay grapes, which gives the vinegar a soft, fruity and delicately woody aroma. It is especially suitable for fish dishes as well as traditional beurre Blanc sauce.

  • 4,95

    Normandy is famous for its apple ciders, which are also used to make popular apple cider vinegars in the region. Their digestive properties have made vinegars a favorite for all types of seasonings, such as salads, sauces or fish and chicken broths.

  • fresh black winter truffle min

    The time of the French winter truffle is winter. Price approx. 2500 € / kg This price is indicative if the weight is 25g.
    The weight of one truffle is also 20-40g
    The truffle time starts on 1.12, so the exact Arrival Date will not be known until the season has officially started in France.

  • lemon curd min

    Across the canal, the popular lemon paste known as lemon curd is also found as the base for many French desserts. DeliDel’s lemon curd is handcrafted from wonderfully velvety and lemon, pure ingredients. Enjoy as is or try in pastries, for example in the heavenly lemon meringue pie!

  • truffle basket deluxe 3 min

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