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  • palet biscuit pack 200g

    Thick and crunchy palette biscuits are made in the traditional Breton way in salty butter. Golden toasted biscuits are a tasty treat to enjoy as a coffee moment.

  • 4,70

    This festive champagne vinegar is made in Reims, Champagne. The production follows the traditions of champagne production. The vinegar has been matured in oak barrels for 12 months, which has brought the vinegar its unique subtle and oak aromas.

  • cider apple calvadoshyytelo camambert Pont leveque cheese

    DeliDel’s cider, apple & calvados jelly brings an aromatic breeze from the Normandy apple orchards to your cheese plate. The jelly is made from pure raw materials without unnecessary additives and preservatives. It is a particularly perfect partner for Camembert, Pont l’Evêque and Livarot cheeses. Try it and fall in love!

  • white wine barley jelly for roquefortsini cheese

    For the perfect combination of salty and sweet, you need DeliDel white wine & pear jelly and blue cheese. White wine-based jellies go particularly well with blue cheese, as well as pear. So the jelly has all the ingredients of perfection! Try roquefort or other blue cheeses.

  • pineapple penja jelly

    The exotic flavor combination of pineapple and pepper in jelly is perfect as knocked on emmental or Comté cheeses. The jelly is made from natural ingredients by hand without unnecessary additives or preservatives. Also try pineapple & penny pepper jelly in mascarpone or whipped cream, for example!

  • Garlic creme 100g 1

    Here is the absolute basic product of the wardrobe for all garlic lovers! The soft and aromatic garlic paste is suitable for sauces as well as for dipping with vegetables, for example. The garlic used in the paste is stewed to maturity, which makes them easily digestible and stomach-friendly. Also try garlic crème with lamb or pork!

  • 3,90

    DeliDel red wine vinegar is made from carefully selected grapes and matured for 12 months in oak barrels. Thanks to ripening, red wine vinegar acquires its characteristic round and oaky aroma. The grapes used in the vinegar, on the other hand, bring the deep ruby red color of the vinegar in addition to its aromas. Our red wine vinegar is well suited for both salads and meat dishes.

  • fig walnut jam

    A classic and charming pair of flavors is fig and goat cheese. As a low-sugar jam, fig fits perfectly with cheese plates. This DeliDel fig jam is further flavored with walnuts, which adds a perfect addition and flavor to the jam. Try fig & walnut jam with different blue cheeses too!

  • 4,30

    The basic ingredients of every kitchen include high-quality white wine vinegar. DeliDel white wine vinegar is made from white wine vinegar and a grape juice concentrate from Chardonnay grapes, which gives the vinegar a soft, fruity and delicately woody aroma. It is especially suitable for fish dishes as well as traditional beurre Blanc sauce.

  • 4,95

    Normandy is famous for its apple ciders, which are also used to make popular apple cider vinegars in the region. Their digestive properties have made vinegars a favorite for all types of seasonings, such as salads, sauces or fish and chicken broths.