La Maison Godard

La Maison Godard was founded by Alain and Michele Godard in 1978. Children Pascal and Annabel continue the values of family business today; Appreciation of traditions and good tastes and family-friendly atmosphere.
The company is found in the medieval village of Goudron in the Périgord area, amidst the rich flavors of France; duck liver, patties, duck legs and beans and game.

Godard is also Chambon & Marrel
Alain Godard, who was an extreme gourmet, got to know Chambo and Marrel. This one of the oldest truffle houses was famous for supplying products to the Russian Tsar Nicolas II in the past. He bought the company in 1992, when the house's selection increased with truffles, truffle juice and e.g. with truffle sauces.

DeliDel's selections include several patties and foie gras. duck fat and goose fat

21 Products

  • Kesätryffelicarpaccio

    The summer truffle carpaccio of the French La Maison Godard is a fine summer truffle slice preserved in olive oil. Serve as is with toast or on top of a traditional carpaccio, for example!

  • dried delicacy

    Dried delicacy is also a valued ingredient in French cuisine. With La Maison Godard’s dried delicacies, you make delicious risottos, pasta sauces and pies, even if the mushroom joy hasn’t hit the spot!

  • Maasteenrini seasoning with truffles 3

    La Maison Godard’s authentic truffle-flavored country thistle is full of rustic, French flavors. The terrine made from pork and liver is seasoned with authentic black truffle from product 3 %.

  • godard truffle oil

    La Maison Godard white truffle oil is made from high quality olive oil and white truffle. You finish it with pastas, risottos and salads.

  • only in Hakaniemi Hall


    Authentic French, smoked duck breast from la Maison Godard sliced is available in our shop in Hakaniemi hall or in our warehouse in Konala. Smoked duck breast slices are an integral part of the traditional delicious Quercyn salad, or “Salade Quercynoise” in French. Cold cuts are also a great ingredient for a wide variety of salty mouthfuls.

  • Gift box with 10 different pates

    La Maison Godard’s gift box is a delicious gift for those who appreciate French cuisine. It is also an easy purchase for a gourmet evening, where you want to taste as many different foie gras pies as possible and other typical pies from the south-west of France. Order for yourself or as a gift!

  • Enchaud long cooked pork fillet 450g

    La Maison Godard’s Enchaud pork is a long-stewed pork fillet made according to a traditional recipe. The meat is also seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. This piggy bank is cold at best and easiest to cut straight from the fridge.

  • gesier duck stone circle

    The duck stone circle is one of the lesser-known ingredients in French cuisine in Finland. For gourmets, however, the duck stone circuit is certainly a familiar product. Serve with chilled stone pie slices, for example, with salad or potatoes made in the Sarland style, ie potatoes fried in goose fat!

  • duck liver bloc southwest france 2

    La Maison Godard’s duck liver bloc is made from real duck liver and spices. Its texture is smooth and soft. The duck liver bloc is usually made in a brick-shaped shape, referred to by the original French name “bloc”. The product does not contain additives and is an authentic original foie gras from the south-west of France.

  • duck liver bloc 400g


    La Maison Godard’s duck liver bloc is made with real duck liver and spices. Its texture is smooth and soft. The duck liver bloc is made in a brick-like shape, referred to by the original French name “bloc”. The product does not contain additives and is an authentic original foie gras from the south-west of France.

  • 50 Prossa duck liver bloc 70g

    La Maison Godard’s traditional duck pate is a high quality foie gras delicacy from the south of France. It contains 50 high quality duck liver blocs from %. No artificial flavors or additives and preservatives have been used in the duck pot.

  • duck fat 350g

    With duck fat, you can make the best fried potatoes ever. It is also a traditional ingredient in the production of 'pommes de Terre sarlandaises' and 'confit de canard'.

  • 1341 goose fat 320g

    With goose fat, you can season traditional fried potatoes in a unique way. It is also a necessary ingredient in traditional Sarlandais potatoes, “pommes de Terre sarlandaises”.

  • hanhirillette

    La Maison Godard goose grillette is a high-quality and authentic French goose meat rillette, or spreadable pate-type canned food. Delicious even more on a slice of warm toast or country bread!

  • 4,34

    La Maison Godard’s Armagnac-flavored hare pate is a charmingly rustic taste experience straight from the French countryside. Armagnac suitably emphasizes the taste of hare meat, which can be found in product 28 %.