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  • Meatballs, rice and Catalan sauce Ready-to-eat-meal 300g

    The prepared dishes of the French La Belle Chaurienne are the rescue of a busy culinary artist. The meatballs and rice in tomato sauce are seasoned with bacon cubes and made with only the highest quality ingredients according to a traditional recipe. In just 2 minutes you will get yourself a delicious moment with the flavors of a cozy kitchen!

  • ankkaa ja riisia viherpippurikastikkeella min

    If the traditional market shelf is no longer tempting, check out La Belle Chaurienne’s traditional French prepared dishes! Duck and rice in green pepper sauce are made only from pure raw materials without unnecessary additives or preservatives. In just 2 minutes you will have an authentic French taste experience.

  • CONFIT DE CANARD potatoes

    La Belle Chaurienne's ready-made portion of 'Confit de Canard & Pommes de Terre à la sarladaise' consists of duck potatoes and Sarland-style potatoes. This delicacy is suitable even for busy gourmets, as it only takes 2 minutes to warm it up. So enjoy your day with authentic French flavors without the hassle of cooking!


    For busy gourmets, the prepared dishes heated in the microwave of La Belle Chaurienne bring joy. The Cassoulet bean stew with duck meat and sausage is made with a traditional French recipe, and only high-quality French meat has been used as the meat. It only takes 2 minutes to prepare this delicacy and you can enjoy traditional French cuisine anywhere!

  • ankankoipi 800g min 1 1

    When you want to indulge in responsibly produced duck legs, La Belle Chaurienne’s preserved duck legs are the perfect choice for your dining table. The product is made with a traditional recipe only from high-quality, freely fed duck meat, duck fat and salt.