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  • tahtianis chinese 11g

    Star anise is a beautiful spice as such to be added to drinks or food spices. It also looks decorative in various preserves and at the Christmas table, for example. Maison Espig's star anise has a pleasant licorice taste and adds an exotic touch to a variety of dishes. Try oven chicken, for example!

  • red curry mixture 44g

    Red curry is a tasty and mildly fiery spice mixture for meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Maison Espig’s own red curry mix is made and packaged in Provence, France, using a traditional recipe. Here you will find a new favorite for your home kitchen, with which you can easily season both everyday and festive food!

  • curry organic 37g

    Curry is a gift of Indian cuisine to the rest of the world. Curry seasones both light and red meats, fish dishes and the most delicious vegetarian dishes. Maison Espig's organic curry is a high-quality spice blend made exclusively from organic spices. Try it for yourself and fall in love!

  • coriander whole organic french 26g

    The whole coriander seeds of Maison Espig, organically grown in France, spice up a wide range of dishes, from Indian-style cuisine to traditional Provencal delicacies. Try coriander in baking too!

  • Provencal oregano organic french 17g

    Maison Espig’s Organic Organic Regano is an authentic Provencal favorite organic aromatic herb. It spices pizzas as well as various tomato dishes to new dimensions. Here is one of the basic spices in every kitchen that you should always keep in the spice cabinet just in case!

  • Provencal thyme organic french 12g

    One of the hallmarks of southern French cuisine in particular is thyme. Maison Espig’s Provencal thyme is a high-quality organic product and has a certificate of authenticity for a product from the Provence region. Thyme from Provence spices meat, vegetarian and chicken dishes à la Provençale!

  • turmeric ground organic Burma 38g

    Ground organic turmeric from the French Maison Espig is grown in the tropical regions of Burma. There is also a bit of bitterness in its lightly peppery and musky aroma. Turmeric is suitable for seasoning a wide variety of dishes, from oriental dishes to fish dishes. Turmeric also brings a beautiful color to both food and drinks. For example, try the trendy turmeric flat!

  • Seasoning salt min

    The Spice Salt Mill at La Maison Espig in France has a delicious mix of sea salt, coriander, clove, cumin and mustard seeds, Nora chili and cumin. Roast the warm spicy breeze on all your dishes.

  • green curry thai min

    Do you already know green curry? If you have never tried it, now it is worth doing it at the latest! Green curry mix has become increasingly popular among chefs around the world, no wonder. Its gentle and spicy texture is not burning, and the flavors take you straight to the tropical landscapes of Thailand in your mind.

  • cinnamon tank indonesia 28g

    Maison Espig’s organically grown cinnamon stick in Indonesia is the perfect seasoning for drinks. With cinnamon stick you bring warm spiciness to Chai-latte, mulled wine and even rhubarb juice. Cinnamon sticks are also great for seasoning a variety of jams and preserves.

  • cinnamon ground organic from Madagascar 23g

    Everyone has their own favorite way to use cinnamon, and it’s one of the basic spices in every home. Maison Espig's Malagasy ground organic cinnamon spices porridge, buns, casseroles and even coffee drinks. Madagascar cinnamon is known for its similar properties to ceylon cinnamon. It tastes softer and more aromatic and does not contain as much coumarin as cinnamon from cinnamon.

  • saffron whole organic french 002g

    Saffron is an essential ingredient in many dishes because of both its taste and its color-giving properties. What about paella, bouillabaisse soup or even a bun of Lucia without saffron! Maison Espig’s whole organic saffron is certified as one hundred percent saffron under the Provencal sun.

  • Provencal rosemary organic french 25g

    One of the most typical flavors of Provence is rosemary, which seasones both meat and chicken dishes as well as desserts. Maison Espig's Provencal rosemary is an organically grown, authentic Provencal rosemary grown and dried. Taste and fall in love!

  • Himalayan pink salt mill Pakistan 90g

    The Himalayan Rose Salt, popular with gourmets, is a versatile partner in cooking and a beautiful table salt in terms of color. The Himalayan Rose Salt of Maison Espig, mined in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, is a high-quality choice for all lovers of good food. With a user-friendly salt grinder, grind your food in just the right amount of salt to finish your serving.

  • 3 pepper mix mill organic sri lanka 36g

    Maison Espig's 3 baies pepper mill is a mixture of whole Piper nigrum black and white pepper and fruity rosé pepper. Peppers are grown completely without pesticides as organic production under the Sri Lankan sun. Grind a few rounds of cooked entrecôte steak or try it with fish and seafood!

  • nutmeg min

    Nutmeg has a very recognizable taste and aroma. It seasones many classics such as béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes and crumbs. Nutmeg is also great for seasoning desserts like apple pie and drinks like mulled wine.