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Lucien Georgel and his brother have been making jams for 30 years. Lucien, a native of the Lot-et-Garonne region, saw the fruits and berries of the region from his childhood, founded the company in the small village of Virazeil, with orchards on one side and ducks reared on the other. Jams are cooked in summer and duck products are made in winter.

Lucien Georgelin’s jams are always boiled from fresh fruit in copper pots over an open fire. They are not sweetened too much with sugar and the taste of the fruit is clear.

DeliDel's selections include 100% fruit, organic series, traditional series and jam series, as well as a delicious novelty palm oil-free chocolate-hazelnut spread

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  • organic orange grapefruit lemon jam min

    Lucien Georgelin’s orange-grapefruit-lemon jam is a fresh breeze from sunny south-west France. The aromas of the bitter citrus fruits soften with the sweet apple and form a harmonious combination of flavors. In addition, high-quality organic jam made with a traditional recipe does not need any artificial flavors or preservatives!

  • organic apricot jam min

    Lucien Georgelin’s organic apricot jam is reminiscent of the sunny apricot orchards of southwestern France. The jam is full of authentic apricots and no unnecessary preservatives or artificial flavors are needed. The traditional way of making the jam creates its wonderful taste and texture. Find your new favorite jam here!

  • organic williams paarynahillo min

    Lucien Georgelin pear jam made from Williams pears and seasoned with vanilla is a high-quality organic jam for even the most demanding gourmets. It is made only from the best and purest ingredients without any artificial flavors or preservatives. Everyone loves this from baby to grandpa!

  • cherry jam min

    Lucien Georgelin's cherry jam is full of rich cherry flavors and contains up to 65 % authentic cherries. Try the cherry jam with cheeses, bread and desserts. This cherry jam contains no additives or preservatives or artificial flavors at all, so you can enjoy it with a good conscience!

  • fig jam 150g min

    Authentic French fig jam is the perfect companion for a cheese plate. Also try fig jam with different meats. Lucien Georgelin fig jam does not contain any additives or preservatives or artificial flavors. Enjoy the full and authentic taste of figs!

  • milk jam min

    Milk jam, or confiture de lait in French, is also known in Spanish as 'dulce de leche'. It is a caramel cooked from milk and sugar, whose velvetiness and caramel charm all sweet lovers. Try milk jam on both a waffle and a crepe, on bread, with ice cream, as a filling for a cake or pastry, or as such for dipping.

  • fig jam red fig min

    Authentic French fig jam is the perfect partner for both cheeses and baking. Lucien Georgelin's traditional red jam made from red figs does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, additives or preservatives. The charming taste of figs alone is enough, c'est tout!

  • Black cherry sour cherry jam 100 300g

    Lucien Georgelin’s two cherry jam contains both a sweeter black cherry and, as the name implies, a more sour cherry. In addition to the cherries themselves, the jam only gets its sweetness from natural fructose. The jam meets the criteria of even the most demanding gourmets with its pure composition and authentic cherry flavor!

  • Orange jam with 100 fruits 300g

    Lucien Georgelin’s orange jam is made from raw materials derived from 100 % fruits. The sunny aroma of the oranges has been preserved in the traditional method of preparation and cooking. The sweetness of the jam comes from the oranges themselves and the added fructose. There are up to 58 % in orange jam - without any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

  • chocolate hazelnut spread 280g

    When you want a truly high-quality and delicious chocolate hazelnut spread for a treat or a snack, try Lucien Georgelin's chocolate hazelnut spread! No palm oil, artificial flavors, dyes or additives or preservatives have been used in the application. The aromatic hazelnuts used in the application are collected no more than 30 km from the manufacturer's plant in the south-west of France and have been used more extensively in the application than similar applications from other manufacturers. Try it and be charmed!

  • apricot 100 300g

    For apricot jam lovers, Roussilon's apricot jam with Lucien Georgelin's 100 % fruit is the perfect choice. The jam contains 60 % of whole fruit, and fruit sugar has been used for sweetening. In addition to this, only natural pectin has been added to the apricot jam to thicken, as well as a little lemon juice to accentuate the apricot’s own fruity flavor.

  • organic raspberry jam g

    Lucien Georgelin's organic raspberry jam is a wonderfully berry raspberry jam made from pure ingredients and with less sugar. The jam is made with a traditional recipe, cooked for a long time as at home and from pure ingredients. The jam contains 50 % full raspberries as well as 11 % apples, which reduces the need for jam sugar.

  • rural patch 220g bio min

    Lucien Georgelin's organic pâté is made with a traditional recipe made entirely from organic ingredients. In addition, the meat used in it is completely French. The organic old-fashioned pate tastes like an authentic old-fashioned pate, as the French grandmothers used to do before!