Olives Arnaud

Amidst the beautiful scenery of Beau de Provence is the village of Fontvieille where Marius ’father and Andre’s son opened their businesses and began working on the olives in the area.
In 1970, Andre developed DeliDelink's most popular recipe, “facon Grece,” or black olives in thyme and oil — not liquid — that were first exported abroad in 1972 by a queen procurer from the Queen of England. This was the beginning of growth abroad as well as the development of new recipes. More and more countries began to import precisely these olives from the small olive grove of the small Fontvieille.
Quite a few Finns have started eating olives with the help of green olives seasoned with Provencal herbs - they are so good.

DeliDel's selections include green olives flavored with Provencal herbs, thyme grape olives, nice small olives and a mixture of Provence, as well as black and green tapenade - olive paste

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