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  • Gift box with 10 different pates

    La Maison Godard’s gift box is a delicious gift for those who appreciate French cuisine. It is also an easy purchase for a gourmet evening, where you want to taste as many different foie gras pies as possible and other typical pies from the south-west of France. Order for yourself or as a gift!

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  • 3 different jelly for cheese gift box min

    The perfect gift for a cheese lover or as a gift for a cheese tasting evening is the gift package of DeliDel's three different jellies. Jellies are particularly well-suited to certain cheeses and have new unprecedented taste dimensions in them. Jellies are made only from natural ingredients without artificial ingredients. The jellies in the pack are:
    Cider, apple & calvados jelly for camambert / Pont l'Evéque cheese
    White wine & pear jelly for roquefort / blue cheese
    Fig & walnut jam.

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  • olive oil gift box 4x50ml min

    The Spanish Finca la Barca olive oil gift box contains four different 50 ml quality olive oils. One of the oils is Finca la Barca's specialty smoked olive oil, and the other three are single variety extra virgin olive oils. Try it in different dishes or organize your own olive oil tasting! Order for yourself or as a gift.

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  • gift box alziari Prestige min

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  • 9533 Gourmet treat box min

    The treat box contains the following products:
    1277 – Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP Invecchiato, Sigillo Platino 250ml
    1595 – KORI Christmas hat box red size M diameter 31.5×12
    1049 – Organic and fair trade mint chocolate canache candy 145g
    9922 – Oro del Deserto organic extra virgin olive oil -Coupage 500 ml
    9165 - Truffle salt 50 g
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

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