Our jam selection includes even rarer flavors than traditional French jams. Our selection also specializes in 100% fruit jams, which are made using no white sugar at all, but only fruits and berries and their natural ingredients. You can also find organic jams in our own product department.

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  • viikunahilloke 150g 1

    Authentic French fig jam is the perfect companion for a cheese plate. Also try fig jam with different meats. Lucien Georgelin fig jam does not contain any additives or preservatives or artificial flavors. Enjoy the full and authentic taste of figs!

  • Orange jam with 100 fruits 300g

    Lucien Georgelin’s orange jam is made from raw materials derived from 100 % fruits. The sunny aroma of the oranges has been preserved in the traditional method of preparation and cooking. The sweetness of the jam comes from the oranges themselves and the added fructose. There are up to 58 % in orange jam - without any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

  • apricot 100 300g

    For apricot jam lovers, Roussilon's apricot jam with Lucien Georgelin's 100 % fruit is the perfect choice. The jam contains 60 % of whole fruit, and fruit sugar has been used for sweetening. In addition to this, only natural pectin has been added to the apricot jam to thicken, as well as a little lemon juice to accentuate the apricot’s own fruity flavor.

  • fig jam red fig min

    Authentic French fig jam is the perfect partner for both cheeses and baking. Lucien Georgelin's traditional red jam made from red figs does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, additives or preservatives. The charming taste of figs alone is enough, c'est tout!

  • Black cherry sour cherry jam 100 300g

    Lucien Georgelin’s two cherry jam contains both a sweeter black cherry and, as the name implies, a more sour cherry. In addition to the cherries themselves, the jam only gets its sweetness from natural fructose. The jam meets the criteria of even the most demanding gourmets with its pure composition and authentic cherry flavor!

  • lemon curd min

    Across the canal, the popular lemon paste known as lemon curd is also found as the base for many French desserts. DeliDel’s lemon curd is handcrafted from wonderfully velvety and lemon, pure ingredients. Enjoy as is or try in pastries, for example in the heavenly lemon meringue pie!

  • mansikka samppanja hillo 125g min

    Une association de saveurs Divine!
    If you want to get close to the seventh heaven of flavors, you should try DeliDel Strawberry Champagne Jam. Only the purest and highest quality ingredients have been used in this luxurious jam, without any extra. The strawberry variety used in the jam, Mara De Bois, is one of the most prestigious in France because of its sweet and wild strawberry aroma. Try the jam in pastries, with ice cream or as a croissant or topping!

  • orange amere pomeranian jam

    Orange Amère pomegranate jam is just marmalade made from pure ingredients with plenty of authentic pomegranate. Pomeranian is more acidic and slightly bitter than its relative orange, making it the perfect ingredient for sweet marmalade. Try it as it is on toast, with a croissant or in baking!