DeliDel's honey selection makes the honey shelves of even larger markets pale in quality. Here you will find several different single flower honeys from France, Spain and Italy. Honey is a high-quality and environmentally friendly production. Their aromas, shades, and composition can vary greatly depending on what flower the bees have pollinated.

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  • akaasiahunaja min

    Acacia honey from Mariangela Prunotto in Italy is a high quality and subtly aromatic honey. It is a single-flowered honey produced by bees that have pollinated the acacia trees in their vicinity. Thanks to its mild taste, acacia honey is suitable for sweetening a wide range of desserts and beverages, as its aroma does not mask the aromas of the food or drink to be sweetened.

  • eucalyptus honey

    Authentic Italian eucalyptus honey is made from honey produced by bees that have pollinated eucalyptus trees. It is said to have many wellness-promoting effects ranging from the lungs to digestion. Try it in a variety of hot drinks, pastries and cooking!

  • laventelihunaja 150g min

    Très parfumé, Délicat et savoureux!
    Authentic Provencal lavender honey is a very aromatic and prized honey. Lavender honey gets its floral and delicate taste and aroma from bees pollinating lavender flowers. Try different desserts or even glaze pork ribs!

  • Marques de Valdueza orange blossom honey 265g

    Marques de Valdueza’s orange blossom honey is a beautiful light yellow color with hues of various shades of yellow. Its sweet taste has floral and citrus notes. Honey has an intense and lingering taste. The honey is softly pliable and crystallizes slowly to form fine crystals. Orange blossom honey is perfect for seasoning dishes made from game birds and as such for cheeses, tea, ice cream and toast with extra virgin olive oil.

  • lime blossom honey 100 g

    Lime blossom honey gets its aromatic and strong taste from the nectar of lime trees, which is collected by bees in the area. It is 100% Italian honey from the hills of Piedmont. Its taste is well recognizable; the same taste is found in lime flower tea.

  • mint flower honey 100 g

    In the summer, the flower, which blooms in full bloom, offers aromatic nectar to nearby bees, producing this special and intense honey. The aroma of honey makes it the perfect pair for tea and herbal drinks. It’s also great for deepening flavor in recipes that require honey and fresh mint. Try it with strong, long-matured cheeses and mutton!

  • Marques de Valdueza heather honey 265g

    Marques de Valdueza's heather honey is, as the name implies, a type of honey produced by bees that have eaten heather flowers. Its yellow color comes in shades of dark red. Its sweet taste is intensely lingering and has bitter and salty aromas. The composition of heather honey is supple and crystallizes variably. Heather flower honey is perfect for seasoning yoghurt, with tea, soft cheeses, soft meats, various fruits and toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil.

  • Marques de Valdueza iron dam honey 265g

    The color of Marques de Valdueza's iron oak honey varies from bright yellow to a dark orange-yellow, even brownish hue. Its intense and lingering sweet taste is accompanied by floral, malty and toasty hues combined with salty nuances. Its composition is very tenacious flowing, and the honey crystallizes very slowly, if at all. Iron oak honey is a perfect pair for meats, dried nuts, long-ripened cheeses, spicy roasts and toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil.