Organic Jams

The delicious organic jams of the French Lucien Georgelin are made only from pure organic ingredients without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In addition to the berries, a little apple has been used in the jams, which reduces the sugar requirement of the jam. The jams are cooked with a traditional recipe - just like the manufacturer’s mother once did!

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  • organic orange grapefruit lemon jam min

    Lucien Georgelin’s orange-grapefruit-lemon jam is a fresh breeze from sunny south-west France. The aromas of the bitter citrus fruits soften with the sweet apple and form a harmonious combination of flavors. In addition, high-quality organic jam made with a traditional recipe does not need any artificial flavors or preservatives!

  • organic apricot jam min

    Lucien Georgelin’s organic apricot jam is reminiscent of the sunny apricot orchards of southwestern France. The jam is full of authentic apricots and no unnecessary preservatives or artificial flavors are needed. The traditional way of making the jam creates its wonderful taste and texture. Find your new favorite jam here!

  • paarynahillo williams luomu 320 g min

    Lucien Georgelin pear jam made from Williams pears and seasoned with vanilla is a high-quality organic jam for even the most demanding gourmets. It is made only from the best and purest ingredients without any artificial flavors or preservatives. Everyone loves this from baby to grandpa!

  • organic raspberry jam g

    Lucien Georgelin's organic raspberry jam is a wonderfully berry raspberry jam made from pure ingredients and with less sugar. The jam is made with a traditional recipe, cooked for a long time as at home and from pure ingredients. The jam contains 50 % full raspberries as well as 11 % apples, which reduces the need for jam sugar.