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  • nutmeg min

    Nutmeg has a very recognizable taste and aroma. It seasones many classics such as béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes and crumbs. Nutmeg is also great for seasoning desserts like apple pie and drinks like mulled wine.

  • Seasoning salt min

    The Spice Salt Mill at La Maison Espig in France has a delicious mix of sea salt, coriander, clove, cumin and mustard seeds, Nora chili and cumin. Roast the warm spicy breeze on all your dishes.

  • green curry thai min

    Do you already know green curry? If you have never tried it, now it is worth doing it at the latest! Green curry mix has become increasingly popular among chefs around the world, no wonder. Its gentle and spicy texture is not burning, and the flavors take you straight to the tropical landscapes of Thailand in your mind.

  • Messolonghi sea salt with Valerian herbs 160g

    Messolonghi sea salt, seasoned with Mediterranean herbs from Salt Odyssey in Greece, is a spiced salt in a mill that has won several industry awards. Try grinding it on top of fresh tomatoes, Greek salad, grilled meat, poultry or fish. Flavored salt is also great for both fish and meat marinades.

  • Messolonghi sea salt with lemon and turmeric 190g

    Messolonghi sea salt, flavored with lemon and turmeric from the Greek Salt Odyssey, is a seasoned salt in the mill that has been awarded the gold medal in the industry. Try seasoning salads, soups, cooked vegetables and rice. It also creates unique taste experiences when used in oven-baked and roasted foods.

  • paella spice

    The paella spice of La Chinata, a Spanish pepper spice house, consists mainly of the manufacturer's smoked paprika powder and saffron. It is a completely organic product with no dyes or preservatives at all. The spice blend is also gluten free and 100 % herbal. There are four individually wrapped bags in the package, and one bag is enough for about 300 grams of rice.

  • cinnamon tank indonesia 28g

    Maison Espig’s organically grown cinnamon stick in Indonesia is the perfect seasoning for drinks. With cinnamon stick you bring warm spiciness to Chai-latte, mulled wine and even rhubarb juice. Cinnamon sticks are also great for seasoning a variety of jams and preserves.

  • saffron whole organic french 002g

    Saffron is an essential ingredient in many dishes because of both its taste and its color-giving properties. What about paella, bouillabaisse soup or even a bun of Lucia without saffron! Maison Espig’s whole organic saffron is certified as one hundred percent saffron under the Provencal sun.

  • Provencal rosemary organic french 25g

    One of the most typical flavors of Provence is rosemary, which seasones both meat and chicken dishes as well as desserts. Maison Espig's Provencal rosemary is an organically grown, authentic Provencal rosemary grown and dried. Taste and fall in love!


    The chili variety that made the small village of Espelette famous is from the French Pyrenees, the Basque Country. It is an integral part of Basque cuisine and has found its way into the spice cabinets of home and professional chefs around the world. Espelette chili gives food a warm kick without, however, a burning sensation in the mouth. It also has a hint of sweetness.